Independent Designers: Simplicity Behind Success

It’s an exciting time to be a small business and better yet, an independent designer. More and more the creative workforce is leaving the typical Monday thru Friday desk jobs to venture out on their own, in search of success and a better quality of life. And we as consumers are reaping the benefits. Their products are innovative, fashionable and downright amazing. 

embellish Asheville owner Barb Skupien in her domain.

embellish Asheville owner Barb Skupien in her domain.

At embellish Asheville we feature some of the most talented independent designers in the region - jewelry artists, potters, handbag creators, textile geniuses and leather experts, just to name a few.  And a large percentage of those designers are participating advocates for the Reduce Reuse Recycle movement with many of their products being made with repurposed materials. 

The beauty of being an independent designer is two-fold. On one hand, there is the freedom, the freedom to create their own unique vision and to bring it to the consumer. The other is that of sheer simplicity. A simple idea, executed perfectly could easily be the key to success!

Conduit-Press Leaf Pressed Leather

Talia Halliday, owner and operator of Conduit-Press creates handmade leather goods, journals, handbags and these beautiful leaf bowls. She uses actuals leaves from her yard and presses them into repurposed leather. She believes in taking something “lost and forgotten” and transforming it into something “new and beautiful.”

Mini-weaving necklace by Twenty Two West Studio

Mary Hamby owns and operates the Twenty-Two West Studio in Chatanooga. A self-proclaimed fiber artist, Mary creates miniature weavings on a loom smaller than her hand. The finished product is unique, beautiful and completely wearable. Mary supports other artists in her community, and uses Twenty-Two West as a space for collaboration as well as private studios.

Oak Leaf Pottery - Allison Gross

Allison Gross worked as an art educator and part-time cake decorator before pursuing ceramics full-time. Now she is the creative muscle behind her own outfit – Oak Leaf Pottery of Spartanburg, South Carolina. All of her rustic pieces are wheel-thrown and handmade, with her inspiration coming directly from nature and her time spent camping with her family.

We understand that being independent means the freedom to imagine and create your own vision, but there are many challenges and obstacles that come with that. There is no time clock, there is no true “day off.” Independent means working hard, everyday, sometimes on your own and always, always creating something new. We here at embellish feel fortunate to carry products from such amazing designers and are proud to continue to support those hard-working individuals, because the independent movement can only be sustained through togetherness. 

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