Dawn Rentz Textiles

What a busy summer it has been here at embellish!  Not only did we manage to stay cool despite the unrelenting heat that swelled the streets of Downtown Asheville, along with the constant chaos of tourists (not a bad thing) but we also found time for a sit down with one of our favorite local designers in her North Asheville studio.

Dawn Rentz, creator and founder of Dawn Rentz Textiles is no stranger to running an independent business. After receiving her degree in ’92 from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Textile Designs she soon started a hand block-printed home linens business.  However, after a few years, her heart led her to painting, which she continued to do for the next 24 years. 

Dawn in her studio

Although she still paints, she found herself going back to her roots. In this case – textiles. She found inspiration in organic shapes and various plant forms and started hand carving her own textile stamps. Soon this inspiration turned into her creating a new line of textiles including handbags, cocktail napkins and pillows. The process starts with hand drawn shapes, which she then carves into rubber stamps. 

Hand carved rubber stamps

From there Dawn creates a fluid design and then uses special ink to screen-print the design onto linen, canvas or twill. The process is intricate and requires each step to be meticulously executed.

Working the ink through and pressing into the fabric

The outcome is pure beauty, with their rustic modern aesthetic and simple line work. It’s elegant yet unrefined.  And each textile is given individual attention, no mass production here.

Textile Fabrics

Cocktail Napkins

After the textiles are printed, they are hung to dry before being steamed and pressed. Then they are sent off for sewing, where they are paired with leather for handbags or turned into beautiful linen pillows. 

Fold over clutches

For many local artists and designers, there is always the challenge of not only creating something you love and believe in, but also transferring that love onto the consumer. In our opinion, Dawn Rentz has done just that – her vision and dedication to her “art” has created a unique and modern line of accessories that appear effortless. Of course, now that we have seen the process it is the effort she puts forth that creates this effortless quality. 

To see more of Dawn's amazing work, stop by our storefront - we are hosting an exclusive trunk show on October 6th at 6pm. 

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