embellish 2.0

At embellish Asheville, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing unique, handmade jewelry, handbags and accessories into our store that represent the spirit of shopping local. We have had the pleasure of becoming a permanent fixture in the downtown district and are grateful for the success we have seen thus far. So naturally, we felt it was time to take embellish to the next level. Adhering to our mission to support local and independent designers and makers, we began to see the appeal of expanding beyond accessories. After months of planning, and determining just how the expansion could/should work, it came down to one underlying basic - what would we as the embellish family most like to have in our store? We found that the answers came quickly, as did the new products! 

Home accessories were a must and these Nordic-inspired ceramics from Bloomingville are sure to soften up your modern decor.  

Here in the South, sweet is done juuuuuust right and these delightful simple syrups from Bang Candy are the perfect way to sweeten up any of your adult beverages. Located in Nashville, TN, Bang Candy also makes sticky marshmallow treats and a variety of chocolate barks. 

For all the favorite men in our lives - we just couldn't resist bringing in these all-natural products by Rinse Bath & Body. Taking beards from unruly and coarse to soft, sleek and dreamy.   

Making a unique and delicious cocktail just got easier with these guys....From flavored bitters and syrups to smoky seasonings and pepper, you're sure to find a whole new reason to build that wet bar in your living room. 

Frozen or on the rocks? Rocks of course!! With all the sweet libations in the store, we had to make sure our customers had the perfect cocktail glass. 

Made in Alabama, these kitchen towels from Coast & Cotton are made of recycled heavyweight-flour sack materials. With such happy and bright designs, they are sure to make cleaning a little more enjoyable!


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