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Add a bit of feminine edge to your look with our collection of handcrafted hair and jewelry accessories. From our beaded leather cuffs to brass bangles, you’ll find unique and stylish options to show off your personal style at Embellish Asheville. 

Browse our collections from independent makers who know how to spark intrigue. From hand-formed metal cuffs and bracelets with Bohemian vibes to vintage Italian leather adorned with semi-precious stones, you can choose to wear any as a statement piece paired with several of your faves.

From minimalist to embellished, you’re sure to find an array of pretty things that catch your eye and complement your style. Made with high-quality materials and incredible craftsmanship, you’ll find an assortment of wares ranging from dainty to a bit bolder. Support our creators’ passion for making you look and feel amazing. Browse our bracelets and more from talented designers helping capture your unique look.