long necklaces

Whether you’re in the mood for a delicate drop necklace or making a bold statement, you’ll love our collection of long necklaces for any occasion. Our beautifully handcrafted selection of long necklaces at Embellish Asheville will help you accessorize your personal style. 

You’re sure to find a long necklace that catches your eye from one of our incredible independent designers. Each high-quality necklace boasts individuality, with handmade personal touches to make each one unique. Layer chains to add texture and dimension or flatter your neckline with fringe. We know the work of our indie artists will resonate with your style and flair!

Go bold with gemstone pendant necklaces or add a touch of sophistication with a long lariat. These unique beauties transition your look with ease, from running errands to sipping nightcaps. No matter what your taste may be, it’s easy to infuse your personality into any outfit with a stylish long necklace.