soft stuff

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a soft scarf or wrap  hugging your shoulders and keeping you warm. Except, perhaps, the stylish edge a scarf adds to your wardrobe. At Embellish Asheville, we carry an array of pretty, soft things to complement your outfit. 

Whether you accessorize your handbag, décolletage, hair, or shoulders, you’ll find something soft to suit your personal style in our collection of scarves and wraps. Our talented independent designers bring you the softest, high-quality materials to wrap around your skin or drape over your outfit all without breaking the bank! From elegant, vintage cotton to cozy, minimalist acrylic and wool, your cool-weather fashions are ready to wear. 

So, go bold or casually neutral with any of our sweet, soft wraps, kimonos, scarves, and bandanas. From a touch of sophisticated pattern to a sassy leopard print, wrap yourself in a unique, handmade piece that best shows your style and personality.