scarves + bandanas

Our collection of versatile scarves and bandanas is back with an array of textures, patterns, and colorways. Make a bold statement with fabulous hand-drawn patterns that add a pop of color to match your personality. Style your hair, tote, or neckline with stunning options that offer a unique touch. You’ll never be accused of a dull wardrobe when you blend comfort, creativity, and fashion-forward finds.

At Embellish Asheville, you’ll find stylish scarves and bandanas to create classic looks and fresh outfits. Our independent makers and artists create captivating designs that spark creativity and forge new paths for unique accessories that you won’t find at big brand stores. Turn up your sense of style with the feminine edge of animal print or the vibrant colors of fall.

We invite you to explore our fashionable collection of handmade scarves and bandanas, made to pair with anything your heart desires. Make your statement today.