things to burn

Scent your home with our handmade aromatherapy collection crafted with natural ingredients in vessels that  offer beauty and functionality.  Our hand poured candles can infuse the air with calming or energizing scents. At Embellish Asheville, you’ll find a collection of lovely things to burn that are as beautiful as they are aromatic.

Enjoy the lovely blends of fine fragrances and essential oils in our high quality hand-poured candles. Unwind in a candlelit bath or fill the air throughout your home with your favorite scent. Our clean and slow burning  soy wax candles  also make a special gift for any occasion.

When relaxation and clearing your space are a must, we have just the things to burn. Experience soothing fragrances in perfect blends to help restore, balance, and calm your mind and body. Find the perfect hand-poured organic soy wax candles for you in our curated collection of candles.