lariat necklaces

Elevate your wardrobe with the long and linear stylings of a lariat necklace. Whether you’re in the mood to make a subtle statement or accessorize with a decorative drop, you’ll love our collection of lariat necklaces. Our beautifully handcrafted lariats are perfect for any occasion. At Embellish Asheville, you’ll find a lovely Y necklace to suit your personal style.

We’ve curated an selection of lariat necklaces from talented independent designers and creators. Each lariat offers versatility, individuality, and a bit of feminine edge. Designed to highlight every neckline, your new lariat necklace will add a flattering touch to your daytime or nightlife looks. 

Add a touch of sophistication or a hint of sass to your outfit with any lariat from our selection. From layered looks to the sleek stylings of one, a lariat creates the lean lines and striking appeal you’ve been searching for.