Unique, handmade finds are exactly what make us who we are. At Embellish Asheville, you’ll always find something intriguing that catches your eye. Fancy an artistic puzzle for yourself or a loved one? We have an artistic collection of vibrant puzzles filled with hours of fun that turns into a modern piece of art for every puzzler in your life.

Celebrate creativity and sustainability with the intricately detailed artwork of talented makers. Each handmade puzzle expresses the imagination and visions of an artist we wholeheartedly support. From contemporary to abstract styles, you’ll be mesmerized by our selection of brightly colored puzzles made for your enjoyment.

Select the puzzle that speaks to your creative mind, or make them all a part of your collection! Consciously created to bring light to accessible art, inclusion, and sustainability, our array of puzzles that are meant for all to enjoy will bring a fresh outlook and new meaning to original artwork.