Choose Your Ideal Pair of Dangle Earrings

Choose Your Ideal Pair of Dangle Earrings

Accessorizing with the right pair of earrings can infuse your personal style into any daytime or night-out look. With the simple addition of a beautifully handcrafted pair of dangle earrings, you can create a casual or dressy look with ease.

At Embellish Asheville, we carry a unique collection of silver, gold, and beaded dangle earrings handcrafted by independent designers. Each handmade pair shows off the artist’s style and character. We’d love to help you select the next pair of earrings for your collection. 

Dangle Earrings vs. Drop Earrings: Are They the Same?

When you shop at our store, you’ll always find a unique selection of indie-made wares, from multi-toned metals and gold dangle earrings to beads and gemstones. While some guests marvel at the intricate details of the Hellen Earrings, others are in awe of the cool Miyuki beaded dangle earrings with their intricate beadwork and unique designs.

We’re often asked if dangle earrings and drop earrings are the same. While they tend to be used interchangeably, the short answer is … kind of, but no. Let’s be honest, does it really matter when you’re shopping for your new favorite accessory?!

So, What Are Dangle Earrings?

Whether you prefer beaded, gold, or silver dangle earrings, they are what their name implies. The mixed metal hand-hammered semicircles moving freely, those are dangle earrings. And the edgy Needle and Thread (er) that can be worn through a single or double piercing? Yep, they’re gold dangle earrings.

You can typically identify dangle styles by their length and fluid movement. From mixed metal to beaded dangle earrings, they tend to hang below your piercing and often move with you. While length will certainly vary, even the shorter dangles usually hang well below the ears, while longer styles may reach beyond the shoulders, hello Drama!

From gemstone and gold dangle threader earrings, the style is sure to define your look. Our indie designers use an assortment of metals and components to create jewelry you won’t find in big box or brand name stores. Each pair is crafted with vision, love, and care by amazing artists.

Then, What Are Drop Earrings?

Think of a drop earring as one that “drops” slightly below your earlobe. You’ll often find drop earrings with a small embellishment attached to a post or a hook. Drops tend to be minimalistic in design, showing off a small bead, gem, or charm.

What really sets the drop and dangle earrings apart is the drop earrings’ lack of free-flowing movement. Even while hanging off the earlobe, drop earrings tend to stay in place as you move. You won’t feel much movement here as you might when wearing our Gemstone Chip Dangle Earrings.


Why Shop Indie-Made Jewelry?

We curate our unique gemstone, metal and beaded dangle earring collection from a group of talented independent designers. Each artist creates their jewelry with love and intention designed for you to show off your personal style. Our selection of  handmade gold, silver, and beaded dangle earrings are each made with high-quality materials and a unique vision.

We’re honored to support each of our makers and in turn, their small business. When you browse through our selection of silver dangle earrings and take home a pair of feminine gemstone and gold dangle earrings, you are also expressing your conscious choice to shop small, independent business, yay!

How Do You Choose the Perfect Pair of Metal, Gem, or Beaded Dangle Earrings?

Whether you’re adding a pair of silver dangle earrings to your personal jewelry collection or giving a pair of vintage-style beaded dangle earrings as a gift, we have a great selection for you to check out. We’ve even put together a few pointers on selecting your ideal pair!

While many of us are perfectly happy purchasing a pair of beaded dangle earrings that catch our eye, not everyone is able to grab the first beauties they love. Finding the ideal pair of dangle earrings may involve a particular occasion or avoiding a metal sensitivity.


While searching for the dangles that suit your style best, you may also want to consider:

  • sensitivities to metals
  • comfort/weight
  • the occasion
  • hair length
  • your lifestyle


Do You Have Sensitivities to Certain Metals?

As you browse our collection of handmade dangle earrings, note the metals they are made with. If you are aware of any allergies or sensitivities, you’ll want to keep those in mind while you search for your perfect pair. Sterling silver dangle earrings or a pair made with gold filled or surgical steel hooks are a safe choice for those with sensitive ears to protect. Please know that all of our ear wires are nickel and lead free.


Will Your Earrings Be Comfortable?

With an array of talented jewelry designers comes an incredible selection of styles and materials. As you admire each pair in our dangle earring offerings, consider the weight, size, and length. Will you be comfortable wearing the pair you’re eyeing? Consider the length of time they’ll have them on. It makes a big difference, a big bold pair may be perfect for a three hour evening event but not so much for a day at the office!


What’s the Occasion?

Are you searching for a minimalist style in a silver dangle earring for daily wear? Does your dinner party call for stylish gold dangle earrings that complement your evening wear? Or are you out shopping for a flirty pair of beaded dangle earrings for your fun adventures with the girls? The occasion for your shopping spree may help you hone in on the pair that suits your needs best.


Pairing your Dangles with Your Hair

While it may sound silly, think about it for a moment. The length of your hair and the style you’ll be wearing can show off (or hide)  your new pair of gold dangle earrings. An up-do allows you to showcase your lovely silver dangle earrings while accentuating your neckline. Shorter hair cuts are perfect for a sassy look with bold beaded dangle earrings that people are going to notice!

Whether your personality calls for accessorizing with a delicate pair of gemstone dangles or commands attention with fun fringe, we have a unique selection for you! From silver dangle earrings with nature-inspired cutouts to your favorite gemstones set in gold, we want you to step out in style and make a statement with your accessories. We invite you to explore our collection of handmade beaded or gold dangle earrings created with your unique style in mind. 

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