Jewelry Organization Ideas You Should Be Using

Jewelry Organization Ideas You Should Be Using

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced a favorite pair of earrings, reached for a necklace that was a jumbled pile of tangled knots, or had to send out a search party for the other half of my stacking bracelets. And I know I’m not alone here. But it wasn’t until I finally got myself organized that I realized much frustration (and time!) I could’ve been saving myself!

So, pay close attention because I know you’re nodding your head and thinking, “I know the struggle.” Jewelry organizing trays organized, jewelry box compartments and hanging storage pouches aren’t just for show. There’s some logic behind these decorative yet clever organization items, and they can truly relieve some of the challenges we face in accessorizing.

We’ll take a look at the various jewelry organization ideas out there and which jewelry organizing trays, stands, or boxes may best suit your needs. You may decide a creative DIY approach to organizing is ideal for your favorite vintage or indie-made jewelry. Whatever your struggles are with organizing your jewelry, we have solutions and recommendations you’ll wish you had been using all along. 

Why Should You Organize Your Jewelry Collection?

Beyond peace of mind, utilizing a jewelry tray organizer or keeping your jewelry box organized can also help prolong the life of your accessories. Your jewelry requires special attention, even when it’s not being worn. Choosing the organized jewelry ideas that work best for you can offer safe, scratch-, and tangle-free storage.

So, stop tossing your necklaces onto the counter, setting your rings by the sink, and removing your earrings after you crawl into bed. Your accessories deserve to be placed in an organized jewelry tray or on a stand for safekeeping and easy access for their next wear.

Where Should You Store Your Jewelry?

I like to keep my jewelry organized near my dressing area. This way, my morning routine requires a tad bit less running around searching for that incredible gold-fill Lariat Y Necklace that would be perfect for my outfit. I can easily hold options up to my ears or drape them across my neck to see which jewelry accessories pair well with my wardrobe pick of the day. Then, right back to the organized jewelry box, it goes if it didn’t make the cut that day!
We hear many people recommend a bedroom closet, bookshelf, or bathroom as their favorite places for jewelry organization ideas. Whether it’s safely stored on the back of a closet door or hanging decoratively on a wall, we urge you to choose a location that’s most convenient for you and will help you stay vigilant about returning your pieces to their jewelry organizing tray or stand.

What Should You Use to Organize Your Jewelry?

Like me, I’m sure you have an array of cool jewelry, including bracelets, cuffs, and hair accessories. Since pieces will vary in size, length, and shape, it’s smart to keep different jewelry types separated and sorted. You may even find your collection requires a few organizing jewelry trays or stand options to accommodate long, layering necklaces versus dainty stud earrings.
Each little jewelry item deserves its own special spot; it’ll help your collection stay tidy, untangled, free from scratches, and easy to sort through. An organized jewelry box, drawer organizer, or stand keeps your jewelry from being damaged, misplaced, or accidentally discarded. (Yep…that really happens!)
I also like to recommend storing your watches, earringscuffs, and necklaces in specialty jewelry organizing trays or boxes that have a clear-view top. These boxes are perfect for helping you keep a visual stock of what you own so you can locate your accessories with ease when you’re planning the perfect outfit.

Our Favorite Jewelry Organization Ideas

While we know there are a million jewelry organization ideas floating around out there; we’ve found a few that have kept us de-cluttered and sane! So, refill your coffee mug, and let’s tackle that little mess you may have made of your jewelry. It’s time to get you organized!

Steps to organizing jewelry trays or other organizing options include:

  • Take stock of all your jewelry and begin sorting
  • Clean, repair, or discard
  • Choose the jewelry organizers that suit your needs

How Can You Possibly Take Stock of All Your Jewelry and Begin to Sort It?

Sorting may seem like a daunting task but just think of how your organized jewelry trays and stands will look when this task is complete. Don’t worry – we’ll go step by step.
First, work on gathering all your jewelry together. A countertop or other flat surface is ideal for this process. Next, start sorting your jewelry by type. Within each group, separate them by length or size, such as short and long necklaces or dangle earrings and studs.
If you’re really serious about optimizing these jewelry organizing ideas, take it a step further and sort your jewelry by occasion. We promise it makes life easier.

Clean, Repair, or Discard Jewelry

As you sort, inspect each of your accessories for wear or damage. Set these to the side in a polish or repair pile. You may also wish to set aside any jewelry pieces that you no longer wear, whether you choose to donate them or discard pieces that may be beyond repair.
Now is also the perfect time to tend to any tarnished silver or gold pieces you’ve come across. Caring for your jewelry will help it last longer and keep it looking amazing for the next time you pull it out to wear.
If you notice broken necklace links or bracelet clasps while sorting, this is the best time to have them repaired. But don’t forget to leave room for these items when you start to organize jewelry trays and stands.

How Do You Choose the Right Jewelry Box, Organizer, or Stand for Your Needs?

Obviously, when considering jewelry organizing ideas, I had to decide what types of organizers would work best for me. You’ll want to consider a few things before you run out and grab the first beautiful jewelry organizing tray you lay your eyes on.

Things to consider when selecting your jewelry organizers:

  1. How much jewelry do you have?
  2. What types of jewelry do you have? This will include lengths of earrings and necklaces or widths of bracelets for ideal storage.
  3. How much space do you have for your jewelry organizers?
  4. Will you use your jewelry organizing trays or jewelry boxes on a countertop, bathroom drawer, or nightstand?


Jewelry Organizing Ideas for Your Countertop

If your room or bathroom leaves you with plenty of counter space, there are some amazing jewelry organizing ideas to consider. Countertops are ideal for stackable jewelry boxes, rotating jewelry stands, and beautiful, organized jewelry boxes. In addition, if you choose options that utilize more height than width, it will leave you with plenty of counter space for the rest of your items you like to keep within reach.
Stacking organizers are some of my favorite jewelry organizing ideas. You can find an array of materials, including glass, acrylic, and metal. Consider fabric lining to keep your jewelry from surface scratches, and take a look at jewelry organizing trays with liner insert options. They’re convenient for organizing your rings and dividing up your jewelry styles.

Jewelry Organizing Ideas for Your Drawers

If your space has you leaning towards drawers for storage, there are plenty of organizing jewelry trays and modular options to consider. Build your dream organizer that suits your needs best with expandable organizing jewelry trays and inserts of all sizes to accommodate your needs.
Designating a drawer for your jewelry organizing trays or for storing jewelry boxes keeps them tidy and out of site. If you are organizing fine jewelry, this option may be ideal for keeping them more secure and stored appropriately in between uses. You can also add to your storage space by using stackable jewelry organizing trays for those deep drawers.

Jewelry Organizing Ideas for Your Wall

Did you know you can efficiently organize your jewelry on your walls? And if you’re more of the creative type, you’ll love these unique and DIY jewelry organizing ideas. They’re especially helpful for organizing your necklaces and keeping them tangle-free.
While we’ve seen some really unique jewelry organizing ideas that both organize and decorate walls, we do have our favorites. We love utilizing vintage treasures as jewelry wall organizing. Consider browsing your local flea market, thrift store, or antique store for inspiration.

Some of our favorite jewelry organizing ideas that utilize vintage finds include:

  • A vintage frame without a backing can be mounted on your wall; add eclectic hooks or drawer knobs to fill the frame and hold your necklaces.
  • Start a collection of small antique bowls to hold your stacking rings or bracelets that don’t easily tangle.
  • Use colored, long-neck glass bottles to place your cuffs and bracelets around.
  • You can also paint a pegboard and mount it to your wall to help organize your jewelry in a decorative yet efficient fashion.

So, How Can You Untangle Your Knotted Pile of Necklaces?

If you’ve found yourself with a tangled mess of chains - and we’ve all been there - you probably ended up just a tad bit frustrated! We’ve found a few jewelry hacks that will help you get your necklaces separated so that you can finally begin to keep them properly organized.

Here’s what you’ll need to untangle your necklaces:

  • Baby powder
  • Baby oil
  • Safety pin
  • Mild soap
  • Soft cloth
  • Warm water
  • Dry towel

To begin utilizing your jewelry organizing trays, stands, and boxes, it’s essential they are knot-free. Lay your necklaces on a clean, dry, flat surface. Try to remain seated or at a high countertop to avoid lifting the tangled chains up to you, causing the knots to tighten.
Work a thin, straight pin into the center of your knot, wiggling gently in an effort to loosen the tension. As the knot begins to give, you’ll notice opportune areas to begin working the tangles free. Be careful not to pull too hard, and work slowly and gently for optimal results.

What If the Jewelry Knot Won’t Budge?

A stubborn knot is where the baby powder comes in handy. Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on the knotted necklaces. The powder acts as a lubricant, making your necklaces easier to untangle. Once you've untangled the chains successfully, be sure to rinse the baby powder off with warm water and mild soap. Dry your necklaces completely before moving them to one of your jewelry organizing ideas.
If you’re still having trouble making progress, rinse off the powder and add a tiny amount of baby oil to the knot. The baby oil can help loosen the knot just enough to allow the pin to do its magic. Keep in mind that baby oil (or any oil) isn’t great for  your necklaces, so be sure to clean your chains immediately after untangling them with either mild soap and warm water or a jewelry cleaner. Dry them completely before storing them.

How to Keep Your Necklaces Tangle-Free

Now that you’ve successfully freed your necklaces, it’s time to choose your favorite jewelry organizing ideas to keep them stored and in their best condition. While an organized jewelry tray or box may not provide the most efficient space for your longer necklaces, hooks, tall stands, and stand-alone mirrors that provide jewelry organization inside may be ideal for your needs.  

If you’re crafty, you may want to try your hand at a DIY jewelry organizer. If you’ve visited Embellish Asheville, you may have noticed our manzanita branches tucked into tall vases; they display all of our delicate necklaces. You could try painting shelves and adding hooks or knobs to provide an excellent option for hanging and organizing your necklaces while adding some charm to your space. Or consider mounting a decorative corkboard to the back of a door with options to hang and separate your chains easily. Add your personal touches to make any jewelry organizer your own.

As you work through these jewelry organizing ideas, you may find pieces that are ready to be retired or items that may not be repairable. You may also come across a need or desire for a few new additions to your jewelry collection. Either way, we’d like to invite you to browse our great selection of hand-crafted jewelry made by dedicated artisans who take pride in every jewelry piece they create. From nature-inspired necklaces to dangle earrings, you’re sure to find jewelry to fit your unique style. 

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