Local Ladies We Love

Local Ladies We Love

Every woman pictured here is a force. She owns and operates a business that makes a difference in our community. She represents retail; from resort wear to luxe skincare, services; from styling to lashes, sustainability, representation, health; physical and spiritual, and so much more. Asheville is richer and prettier with them in it.
This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are only so many hours in a day! But we thought that it was worthwhile, in this, Women’s History Month, to highlight a few favorites who are making their own history, on their own terms. We celebrate and adore you. xo
From top left:

Christie Apodaca Owner of C&Co Handcrafted Skincare

Alexis (Lex) Keklak, Acupuncturist

Jessie Dean Owner of Asheville Tea Co

Allison Blake & Elisa Van Arnum Owners of SoulKu

Sonja Van Meer Owner of Asheville Lash Company

Annie Milroy Price Owner of Birdseye Adventure Business Planning and Adventure

Page Terlizzi Owner of Nomadic Priestess 

Sam Coffin Owner of Matcha Nude

Gillie Roberts Owner of Ware

Nicole McConville, Photographer

Katie Spears & Lindsay Marler Owners of Nest Organics 

Ellen Olsen Owner of SCORCH

Dema Badr Owner of Scout Boutique

Shannon Trim Owner of Evoke Vitality Spa 

Marcie Lanier Owner of Willow’s Dream


Not pictured but just as loved, women making a difference in our community:

Hannah Cole Owner of Sunlight Tax

Emily Driskill Owner of Tanager Plants, LLC

Molly Kummerle Owner of DJ Molly Parti

Katie Skinner Owner of LOFT 

Lydia Moller Owner of Shiny Hands Soap Co 

Lexi Tourtellotte DiYeso Owner of Lex Twenty  and more

Emily Copus Owner of Carolina Flowers 

Deb Word Owner of Chemist Spirits 

Mandy Broderick Owner of Maddili Collective 

Heidi Plant & Kelly DeTample Owners of Recline and Unwind Social Spa

Kim Broshar & Michelle Nailen Owners of Hello Gorgeous Bra Shop (and Fitting)

Melissa Rose Owner of Rosie Brow Waxing

Ginger Frank Owner of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

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