Meet the Maker: SoulKu

Meet the Maker: SoulKu

SoulKu—you know and love them, but have you ever wanted to know more? From the Be Your Own Hero Bracelet to the stylish Luxe Necklace, we're honored to sell their empowering and healing  jewelry at Embellish Asheville. Join us as we dive into the process and inspiration behind SoulKu with one of the creators! 


Give us your name, location, and how long you've been creating your products!

Allison Blake, Asheville, NC, 10 years


Wow! So, tell us everything: how, when, and why did you start making your products?

My business partner and I started making jewelry at my kitchen nook table in 2013. SoulKu launched in 2011 with inspirational cards that could be passed around to people all over the world, and each location could be tracked along the card's journey. A community of inspiration and connection would form around each card. While this business idea did not work out, our desire to connect and inspire people was stronger than ever. In 2012, we started attaching a simple piece of jewelry to 20,000 repurposed cards, and our jewelry adventure began. 


What a wonderful concept! Where do you draw inspiration from?

Elisa and I are both inspired by nature. Each piece of our jewelry focuses on the healing properties of gemstones. We are amazed by the beautiful crystals that come out of Mother Earth and love learning about their energetic properties and how they were formed. All our card designs incorporate nature in some way, and most of our cards contain floral elements.


Why Do People Wear Gemstone Jewelry?

People wear gemstone pieces like SoulKu jewelry for all sorts of reasons. Whether you believe in the spiritual energies of crystals or adore wearing colorful necklaces, there's much to learn about gemstone jewelry. The biggest reason? Wearing gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more is said to give your body, mind, and spirit energetic boosts. Depending on the gemstone, these powers can range from activating self-love to protecting from negative thoughts.  


7 Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Wearing your favorite SoulKu jewelry can help bring restorative peace and energy into your life and jewelry box, but there are many benefits to wearing beautiful natural  gemstones:

  1. Cleanse auras
  2. Protect energy
  3. Heal spirituality
  4. Balance chakras
  5. Soothe anxiety
  6. Enhance self-love
  7. Boost health


What's your favorite SoulKu product?

I absolutely love our Larimar necklaces. These gemstones are only found in the Dominican Republic, and the swirls of blue and white are so soothing. You can't help but hold each gemstone in your hand and connect with the smooth waves of the ocean. 


What's your making process like?

I love being intentional when creating jewelry. I light a candle and play music. And I love to sing and bless all the gemstones as I make the jewelry.  


How would you describe SoulKu jewelry products and style in 3 words?

Delicate, Simple, Power-FULL!


Love that! Tell us something everyone should know about your products.

As our company started to grow, Elisa and I began hiring moms to make our jewelry. These moms could work from home on their own time and schedules, allowing them to put their children and their families first while avoiding the expensive cost of childcare. Work-from-home moms continue to "heartmake" each product today. 


Does Gemstone Jewelry Make a Meaningful Gift?

Jewelry is almost always a welcome present, no matter the occasion, but gemstones give it a personal touch. For a meaningful gift your loved ones will never forget, take the time to find specific gemstone jewelry that can aid in their worries, struggles, and hopes. Lucky for you, there are countless gemstone options in SoulKu necklaces, earrings, and more to choose from.


If you needed a last-minute gift for a loved one, what SoulKu jewelry would you choose right away?

I would choose our Soul Full of Light Rose Quartz necklace for love. You can't go wrong with a stone that amplifies unconditional love.


Types of SoulKu Jewelry

Whether you're looking for an elegant pair of SoulKu Gemstone Hoop Earrings for a romantic date night or playful dainty jewelry for an everyday staple, SoulKu has endless options waiting for you:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings


What's the best part of your job?

People! I love connecting with everyone that comes into contact with a SoulKu. From our amazing team to our wholesale partners and sales team, from our mail carriers to our beautiful customers, I am honored and inspired by each one and the ability of SoulKu to be even a small part of their journey. 


When designing SoulKu jewelry, do you ever feel creatively blocked? If so, what do you do to fix it?

Absolutely. If I am ever feeling blocked or challenged, I try and hit the trails. I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and tap into my greatest ideas, inner wisdom, and peace when I am out in the woods.


What's the best advice you'd give to someone wanting to create and make their own products?

Start before you are ready and stay flexible. If you love what you do and are committed to your "yes," go for it. Don't wait to have everything figured out before you begin. Your end business may not look exactly like your first vision, which is part of the process. Stay flexible and be open to it all.


What song would you use to describe yourself, your SoulKu jewelry process, and your art?

Mother Medicine – "Existence." It is a very powerful song, honoring our unlimited possibilities of creation and our sacred connection to one another.  


Love that message! Do you have any goals or milestones you want to reach in your practice?

I would love to work with more precious gemstones. Currently, our offerings average around $36 retail. To maintain these affordable price points, I am limited in my gemstone selections. I LOVE playing with sapphires, tourmalines, and spinels. I would be over the moon to introduce a collection with these beauties. 


Lastly, what do you love about having your SoulKu products at Embellish Asheville?

I am honored to be a part of Barb's curation. She is so talented and has an incredible eye and impeccable taste. I love her aesthetic with all the natural elements and wood. 

I walk out of Embellish feeling inspired and energized.

Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift or a SoulKu necklace of your very own, smudge the room and set your intention with a bold and beautiful SoulKu piece. Support this empowering, woman-led, and woman-run indie brand, and stop by Embellish Asheville for a SoulKu jewelry piece of your very own! 

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