7 Steps to Find Empowering Everyday Jewelry

7 Steps to Find Empowering Everyday Jewelry

Every one of us deserves to feel empowered and feminine on a daily basis. But so many people save dressing up for special occasions that are few and far between. Why? We think it's about time we focus on feeling good in our everyday lives-- and that starts with everyday jewelry.

Wearing jewelry makes a normal outfit feel special and allows you to express yourself in any setting, whether wearing hoop earrings in the boardroom or layering long necklaces for a date. Add this simple step to your morning routine, and your daily style will transform!

But if you're new to daily accessorizing, where do you start? How do you find staple pieces that you love and work for your everyday wardrobe? Don't worry; we've all been there! That's why we've created seven simple steps to selecting everyday jewelry that works for you. 


What Is Everyday Jewelry?

Technically, any piece that you want to wear daily can constitute everyday jewelry, but we run with the idea that everyday jewelry consists of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings that you can wear on any day, regardless of the occasion. Your everyday accessories should work as a comfortable and stylish addition to any outfit, whether you choose to rock leather bracelets, dangle earrings, or a dainty necklace.

Everyday jewelry styles will vary from person to person. You may want to wear more delicate lines, like a thin long necklace chain or Mini Energy Gem Stud Earrings. Your friend may rock statement jewelry with daring bracelet cuffs. Like the rest of your style, your everyday jewelry represents who you are and the aesthetics you love. 


Why We Love Wearing Everyday Jewelry

Wearing something as simple as dangle earrings daily can give you confidence and add consistency to your style. Even if you’re working from home in sweats, adding staple jewelry helps you feel like your best self. Find handmade jewelry that works with every outfit for an easy way to feel like a stylish, empowered woman every single day!


3 Reasons You Should Wear Jewelry Every Day

Pairing dainty necklaces or hoop earrings with your everyday outfits can pull your look together.

We love perfecting our everyday jewelry ensemble for these three powerful reasons:

  1. Spruces up your outfit
  2. Shows your style
  3. Boosts confidence


1. Wearing Everyday Jewelry Spruces Up Any Outfit

We'll let you in on a secret— wearing everyday jewelry is a low-effort  way to look put together. Owning stylish pieces you love, from dainty necklaces to dangle earrings, makes accessorizing in the morning simple! Gone are the days of struggling to pull an outfit together. While others will think you spent hours in front of the mirror, you’ll know that this finishing touch took mere seconds.

Remember—if you pick your everyday jewelry wisely, the pieces will complement any kind of outfit! Whether you’re running errands or going out to brunch, your jewelry will add a special sparkle to each look.


2. Show Your Style with Everyday Jewelry

When you wear jewelry that you love, you have a chance to show off your style and tastes. Soon, your everyday jewelry becomes a staple that people will know you by, so it's important to dive deep into your preferences and wear pieces that represent you. 


3. Everyday Jewelry Boosts Your Confidence

Feel empowered and confident with jewelry you adore. Show off your feminine edge and style with beautiful pieces that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Something as simple as adding bracelet cuffs to your outfit can strengthen your sense of identity and help you start every day with a boost of confidence! 


Our Favorite Everyday Jewelry Categories

Whether you want to wear one staple dainty necklace every day or don an entire set of jewelry is up to you, but having a few options that work with your everyday lifestyle is a great idea.

Start your collection by finding pieces you love from each of these jewelry categories:


How Many Pieces of Jewelry Should You Wear at a Time?

The number of everyday jewelry pieces you wear is a personal choice – there’s no right answer! You'll notice that some people prefer to wear only their engagement ring, whereas others don layers of necklaces and stacks of bracelet cuffs. As long as you feel confident and stylish in your pieces, you've found the right everyday jewelry for you!  

We suggest wearing a couple of pieces that work together at a time. Try pairing together a complementary necklace, bracelet, and your favorite earrings for an easy and cohesive jewelry look. Since you've hand chosen each piece, they should all work together and elevate any outfit you have on.


7 Steps to Choosing Your Everyday Jewelry

Sure, the reasons for wearing handmade jewelry every day are compelling, but where do you begin? Next time you shop, follow these five easy steps to find the perfect everyday jewelry for you and your style:

  1. Determine your metal
  2. Match your wardrobe and lifestyle
  3. Choose your budget
  4. Consider jewelry styles
  5. Play with different materials
  6. Layer your jewelry
  7. Be yourself!


1. Determine What Jewelry Metal Works for You 

When looking for pieces to add to your everyday collection, determine what types of metals work for you. If you don't know where to start, look at your coloring to see which metals flatter you the most. Gold tends to complement warmer undertones, whereas silver matches with cool undertones. Start here to see what handmade jewelry metals make you stand out. 

Although the color theory is real, you shouldn't let it stop you from choosing a certain metal. If you prefer rose gold hoop earrings when a "fashion rule" says you should wear white gold, follow that inspiration! As you find new dangle earrings or bracelet cuffs, the most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful in them. 

Hot tip: you don't have to stop at just one metal for your everyday handmade jewelry set! Mixing metals is in right now, so feel free to experiment by wearing multiple tones simultaneously.  


2. Consider Your Wardrobe and Lifestyle

Make sure your everyday jewelry works with your wardrobe and your lifestyle. How you dress on a day-to-day basis directly impacts the style of jewelry you'll want to wear. What styles do you wear to the office? What about your days off running errands? What kind of outfits do you pick when you go out with friends? Find handmade jewelry that will work for all your responsibilities and outfits!

Whatever your style, your everyday jewelry should be able to easily transition from day to night looks so that you're ready for anything life throws at you! When searching for timeless everyday jewelry, make sure you're considering all facets of your style and life so that you can accessorize stress-free every day! 


3. Choose an Everyday Jewelry Budget

Before you make any decisions on your everyday jewelry, make sure you determine how much you are willing and able to spend. Your jewelry should be durable, so avoid low-quality pieces. But high-quality, handmade jewelry doesn't have to break the bank! Since your staple jewelry needs to withstand everyday wear, make sure you’re spending your money on pieces designed to last. 


4. Discover Your Favorite Style of Jewelry

When you look for everyday pieces, notice what styles you're drawn to. Some prefer classic, delicate jewelry featuring small designs, thin chains, and a simple aesthetic. Others may prefer a more ornate, statement style with vibrant colors and chunky chains. Understanding your preferred aesthetic will help you create a staple look you can wear repeatedly.  

Once you've fallen for a specific style, grab a few pieces of that design for a matching everyday set. Keep your jewelry organized by style, and from there, you can wear one piece on its own or add a statement piece for a special occasion! Find your base-level style, and everyday accessorizing will be simple.


5. Play with Different Textures, Colors, and Materials

Just because everyday jewelry is meant to be worn daily doesn't necessarily mean it has to be basic! It's your outfit and life—feel free to accessorize with any unique designs! We love experimenting with different textures, colors, and materials in our staple jewelry collections to show our style!

Shop different materials for your everyday jewelry. Find beaded dangle earrings like the Beaded Handwoven Huipil Fringe Earrings or leather cuffs for an edgy vibe. Browse colorful healing gemstone jewelry to give you a vibrant glimmer. Be bold by adding playful textures and alternative materials to your everyday jewelry look!


6. Layer Your Everyday Jewelry

If one dainty necklace isn’t for you, experiment with layering your everyday jewelry. Whether you’re dressing casually or formally, layering jewelry shows off your personality and style. When shopping, find pieces that work separately and together, so you can have the option for a bold, layered look whenever you want.


7. Most Importantly — Be Yourself! 

Don't ignore gut feelings when shopping for everyday jewelry—if you're drawn to it, you can rock it! Your everyday jewelry should be as unique as you are, so as long as you love the jewelry you choose, you can wear it as your everyday staple. Don’t be afraid to be bold!


How to Elevate Everyday Jewelry For Special Occasions

The next time a special occasion comes up, you'll already be prepared to accessorize! Your everyday jewelry can be the perfect base layer for more formal occasions, whether you want to use just one piece or an entire set. Mix in show-stopping statement pieces or feature your favorite conflict-free diamond jewelry at your next celebration. Wearing dependable everyday jewelry will give you a place to start the next time you have to dress up!


When Should You Take Off Your Everyday Jewelry?

It's important to understand proper jewelry care to keep your everyday pieces in good condition. But don't worry; it's quite easy! The biggest jewelry care tip is knowing when to remove it: always remove your everyday jewelry whenever you swim, work out, or sleep to keep the metals safe! Then, after these activities, you can put your everyday jewelry right back on and go back to being your stylish self. 


How to Gift Everyday Jewelry

Jewelry is a perfect and personal gift for almost anyone in your life. Whether you're choosing pieces for your mother, sister, or best friend, everyday jewelry is a thoughtful way to show them you care. But how do you know what everyday jewelry is right for someone else?

Follow the same steps to determine what styles, types, and designs your loved one would enjoy. If you know them well, you can see what jewelry categories they prefer or lack. If you notice they have a long silver necklace they never take off, help them complete their look by gifting them matching silver bracelet cuffs. If they only wear jewelry for special occasions, introduce them to the world of staple jewelry with a simple piece like the Lola Dainty Necklace. Everyday jewelry is the perfect gift for friends and family!

Hopefully, with our step-by-step guide to finding stylish everyday jewelry, you can find staple pieces you'll cherish for years to come. With these easy tips and tricks, you can discover more about your style and feel empowered to show the best version of yourself to the world!

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