Make Your Necklace Length Work for You!

Make Your Necklace Length Work for You!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve done the whole “try everything on in your closet then throw it on the bed in frustration” routine when you can’t seem to make an outfit work. But have you ever considered that your necklace could be the piece that makes or breaks an outfit? Adding some style with that finishing touch may be exactly what you need to feel confident and beautiful and finally dressed!

But how do you decide  which necklace to wear? Different necklace lengths play a factor when it comes to styling your best self! A necklace is a great way to accessorize, whether it’s a short necklace, a mid-length necklace, or a long necklace.


Does My Necklace Length Matter?

Yes! When it comes to feeling like the put together Queen you are,, necklace length can be the key to perfecting your look! Some people throw on a mid-length necklace from their jewelry box at random without giving it any thought—or worse, they forget one entirely! Let us explain why necklace length matters when styling an outfit.  

Think about it—there are countless styles of necklaces throughout history, whether that’s the early 2000s classic short necklace aka the choker, or the long necklace strands of the 1920s. Each necklace length compliments you and your outfit in a different way. Countless factors come into play, including your neckline, if your hair is down or pinned up, and if you have dangly earrings on!

Here’s an easy example—say your shirt has a high neckline. You wouldn’t want to wear a short necklace because the collar of your shirt will swallow it right up! If you wear a deep-cut shirt, offsetting it with a mid-length necklace will draw the eyes upwards. Showing off a long necklace could mean wearing it over your outfit as the centerpiece. Pay attention to your shirt cuts to see how to make the necklace work best for you.

woman with 16", 18", 20" 24" necklaces on

3 Popular Necklace Lengths

Whether it’s a mid-length necklace or a long necklace you’re after, there are three adored styles that remain timeless.

These popular necklace lengths include:

  • 16 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 24 inches


Face Shapes and Necklaces

If you have a love of jewelry, you probably already know what styles you love! Wear what you love, and the world will love it, too. But the shape of your face can also play a part as to what style of jewelry looks best on you.  There is a little aesthetic science when it comes to styling jewelry for your face shape.


What Are the Different Face Shapes?

  • Heart
  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Oval


Choosing the Necklace Length That Complements Your Face Shape

Think of these as suggestions; you may just find a new style that unlocks your confidence! We want your jewelry to flatter all your naturally beautiful  features, and if that’s realizing you love how you look and feel with a mid-length necklace you’ve never tried, perfect!

If you have a  confident, strong jawline, you may have a square-shaped face. Long necklaces are perfect for softening and elongating these facial features. On the flip side, a rectangular-shaped face is a great match for a short necklace, as they seem to make faces look shorter. A heart-shaped face could look great with a mid-length necklace to balance out your stunning features. The best part is even just playing around with different lengths could mean you find a new look you love!


How to Style Short Necklaces

In most closets, there’s likely a short necklace to be found (and if there isn’t, it may be time to make a purchase). There’s a reason short necklaces are so popular—they look great  on everyone, settling right at the clavicle and are a great base for layering!

These pieces, both subtle and statement, deserve to be seen. To get the most out of styling your beloved short necklace, you could make sure it is not partially covered by the neckline of your shirt. Show it off!


3 Stylish Short Necklaces


Styling Long Necklaces

Just like the shorter jewelry, long necklaces beg to be on display. Make sure to keep the whole necklace visible, whether that’s over your chunky knit sweater or matching a sexy low-cut top. Think of this length as a statement piece, and let it do the styling for you! Try pairing a piece like the stylish Stem Lariat Necklace with an everyday outfit to let it shine the way it was designed to.


How to Style Mid-Length Necklaces

Mid-length necklaces are another closet staple because they tend to work  with every outfit. If you have one like the Waning Crescent Necklace on display, someone is bound to compliment it. Mid-length necklaces catch the eye from their place at the top of the sternum. These versatile pieces can be mixed and matched to go with different kinds of necklines. Most importantly, you’ll love how you feel in it.


How do I Layer Necklaces?

This is one of the most asked questions in the shop! If you adore all your pieces, let’s figure out out how to wear more at once.  Our dainty necklaces are designed to nest beautifully with one another in stacked layers, so feel free to show off multiple necklace lengths at one time. There are many tips to layering necklaces, from mixing metal colors to understanding different pendant types.

A trick to getting the most fabulous layers is to start with your short necklace, then add a mid-length necklace, and follow through with a long necklace. Or, snatch up a multi-length piece like the Long Diamond Satellite Necklace that can be doubled up or even tripled up to create layers with one strand. Get inspired and experiment with fun pendants, colors, and chain types.  

Now that we’ve discussed the different necklace lengths and how to make them work best for you, it’s time to get out there and experiment! Find out if short necklaces suit you better than mid-length necklaces and play around with your face shape, necklines, and layering—the options go on and on. With these indie-made pieces, find your inner artist and learn how to make your necklace length work for you!

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