5 Fun and Flirty Ways to Wear a Bandana

5 Fun and Flirty Ways to Wear a Bandana

If you’re anything like us, you have that staple bandana in your closet that’s been there through thick and thin. But are you looking for ways to style the same beloved piece in new and exciting ways? Luckily for you, we know the ins and outs of styling a bandana in a variety of ways. Here are five of our favorite ways to use your chic bandanas to zhuzh up your outfit with personal style.

No matter your choice on how to wear a bandana, you can unlock your inner fashion guru and spice up your look with indie-made Hemlock Bandanas. With so many funky floral patterns to choose from, the options are abundant! Whether you tie them in a stylish bandana hairstyle or accessorize with your favorite nature-inspired pieces, a bandana can help elevate your style.


Different Ways to Style a Bandana

There are endless tips and tricks for making your favorite bandana work for you. From the typical styles you grew up with to new inspiration, accessorizing with bandanas may quickly become your new obsession! Welcome to your guide on how to tie and style your bandanas.


4 of Our Favorite Ways to Wear a Bandana:

  1. Elevate your hairstyle
  2. Tie around your neck
  3. Accessorize your handbag
  4. Decorate your table
  5. A hatband

How to Style Your Hair with a Bandana

Your first thought might be the same as ours—use your bandana in a hairstyle. Duh, right? But have you thought of both the classic and unique ways in which you can tie up your gorgeous locks with your favorite bandana?

Whether you’re using a beautiful, handmade bandana to keep your hair out of your face every day or to make your favorite looks pop, wearing a bandana as a hairstyle can be key! Weave it through your braid, tie it in your pony, or attempt these three classic, cute, and trendy bandana hairstyles.


3 Ways to Use Bandanas in Hairstyles:

  1. Headband
  2. Handkerchief
  3. Rosie the Riveter


How to Wear a Bandana Headband-Style

You can achieve this flirty look by taking your indie-designed bandana and, starting from one corner, rolling it up diagonally until you have one long strip. Slip the folded bandana under your hair at the base of your neck and tie it at the top of your head. With one easy bandana hairstyle, this look can change between a cute knot poking out of your hair or the flat side on top, making it a versatile, timeless option.  


How to Tie a Bandana into a Handkerchief Hairstyle

Interested in a cottagecore aesthetic? The handkerchief bandana style is one cute way to wear your hair to match the growing popularity of cottagecore. Not to mention how doable it is! Pair this style with one of our favorite pairs of stud earrings for a striking look on your next night out.

Take one corner of the bandana and fold it so it meets the opposite corner. Take the ends of the now triangle, place it on your head, and tie the ends at the base of your neck. Viola! The  sweet  aesthetic of romantic simplicity! With your hair pushed back from your face, this easy bandana hairstyle also protects your locks from rain or shine.


Rock the Rosie the Riveter

If you’re like us, even hearing the word bandana brings the empowering image of Rosie the Riveter to your mind. To pull off this smart and practical look, fold the bandana into a triangle, tie it at the top of your head with the two meeting corners, and fold the third corner up and around your head, tucking it into the front at your hairline. Keep your hair out of your face and rock this vintage look with the classic Rosie the Riveter bandana hairstyle.

We all know her for her hairstyle, but who is Rosie the Riveter? Rosie represents the many women who started working in “men’s jobs” during World War II and has been an icon to women everywhere since. Every time you wear this bandana hairstyle, feel that empowered energy and harness it throughout your day!


How to Rock a Bandana Around Your Neck

From the western cowboys to the trend-setting women in France, wearing a bandana around your neck has been a staple accessory throughout history. And you know why? Because it looks cute with almost everything!

Elevate your favorite outfit with a simple bandana accessory trick. Fold up the bandana into one long strand and wear the knot in front, almost like a necklace. Or leave it in a triangle and just tie it around the back of your neck for a looser, more casual look. No matter the way you decide how to tie your bandana, it can turn basic clothing into a classy and effortless outfit.


How to Tie a Bandana on Your Handbag

If you’re looking for the easiest bandana hack, this one is for you. Simply tie a bandana on your handbag handle in a basic knot for an elegant and effortless look, or spice it up with other ways to tie your bandana. Accessorizing your bag may be a missing piece to your fashionable closet you haven’t even thought about yet, but something as simple as tying whatever bandana you love onto your go-to handbag will make the look your own.

Not to mention all those days when you misplace a ponytail holder or start regretting your hairstyle throughout the day. If there’s a bandana tied on your handbag, you will be prepared to switch up your look with a bandana hairstyle. Talk about being ready for anything—you go, girl!


How to Tie Bandanas for Napkins

Not only do these 100% cotton bandanas make amazing accessories, but they make a versatile and sustainable choice for napkins. Each hand-drawn pattern will bring a pop of color to your tablescape for brunches, dinner parties, or everyday use! Gone will be the days of single-use napkins—invest in these bandanas and adore their personality on your table every day.

Unlock your inner designer, artist, or hairstylist, and try these five fun and flirty ways to wear a bandana as a start to your bandana journey! Whether you’re into elevating your hairstyle or decorating your home, bandanas have endless uses. Now, take your Hemlock Bandana, and get to work!

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