Our 7 Favorite Nature-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

Our 7 Favorite Nature-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

Accessorizing with nature-inspired jewelry truly infuses your personality, beliefs, and unique style into your overall look. You can make an inspiring statement by adding just one simple piece of handmade jewelry. That’s just one reason we’re so drawn to these beautifully handcrafted pieces; they each have a story to tell of an incredible independent artist drawing inspiration from nature.

Why Shop Nature-Inspired Jewelry by Independent Designers?

At Embellish Asheville, you’ll find a  unique collection of nature-inspired jewelry, from pendant necklaces and dangle earrings to wood cuff bracelets. We support independent designers with a passion for showing off their creative style influenced by the great outdoors.

And the result?

Really unique designs that offer an artist’s point of view. Nature-inspired jewelry pieces that don’t come from cookie-cutter molds. Jewelry pieces are meant for those in your life who will appreciate original pieces of art. Supporting our community, and in turn, yours, of indie jewelry makers and designers amplifies their voices and dreams and celebrates their incredible, original work you will never find in a big box store.


Selecting Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to select the ideal piece of nature-inspired jewelry. It’s about what you’re drawn to. What pieces speak to you? What elements of nature and designs resonate most with you?

If you’re shopping for a special gift, we urge you to do a bit of reflecting before you select a piece. What is it that makes this person unique? How would you characterize their personality? What do they cherish or value in life? When you truly take a deeper look at who your gift is for, you’ll find the ideal nature-inspired gift will present itself.  


Our 7 favorite nature-inspired jewelry items include:

  1. Pressed Fern Necklace
  2. Opal Sun Necklace
  3. Crushed Gemstone Gingko Dangle Earrings
  4. Leaf Cuff Bracelet
  5. Snake Cuff in Copper
  6. Moon Phases Hoop Earrings 
  7. Rainbow Fringe Beaded Earring


Pressed Fern Necklace

If a bolder piece is more your style, then get ready to fall for this pressed fern beauty. The long necklace is quite the conversation starter, a single fern is preserved against sleek black enamel. Encapsulated in resin, the fern in this 24kt gold plated teardrop pairs well with anything in your wardrobe.


Opal Sun Necklace 

Perhaps you’re looking for an easy everyday necklace that fits your minimalist style. You might love the  Opal Sun Necklace. A sweet, shiny opal sits in the center of a gold sun that hangs on a 14k gold fill chain. And good news, ladies with skin sensitivities: as always, it’s nickel free!


Crushed Gemstone Gingko Dangle Earrings

Gift a pair of these unique dangle earrings or add them to your collection of sweet statement pieces. The crushed lapis gemstones flecked with gold leaf are a perfect complement to the laser-cut brass ginkgo leaves. The intricate details of these handmade beauties make them one of our favorites.


Wood Leaf Cuff Bracelet

 We must admit; we’re obsessed with this, hand-formed Wood Leaf Cuff Bracelet. I mean, can you blame us? The walnut or rich cherry wood creates a beautiful contrast against the adjustable, hand-brushed aluminum.

And beyond just pretty, this nature-inspired accessory is also:

  • Adjustable for custom comfort
  • Lightweight
  • A tree will be planted for each cuff bracelet sold (we LOVE this!)


Snake Cuff in Copper

There’s just something about snake jewelry that commands attention. And nothing says badass quite like a polished raw copper snake cuff hugging your wrist. The easily adjustable cast cuff is one nature-inspired piece we’ve got our eye on.

Moon Phases Hoop Earrings

One of our favorite motifs, the phases of the moon connect us to the lunar cycle, with each phase providing different symbols and energies.  The phases of the moon are laser cut into these handmade gold hoop earrings.

Rainbow Fringe Beaded Earrings

These beautiful earrings represent one of the most magical phenomena in nature. Hand beaded with tiny Japanese Miyuki glass beads and attached to a brass half moon.


Why Organize Your Nature-Inspired Jewelry Collection?

No matter how you look at it, keeping your jewelry organized will help extend the life of your favorite pieces and make them less likely to be lost or damaged. Using a jewelry box, tray organizer, or vertical jewelry stand can help you sort your jewelry by style, type, and size.  

It's essential to care for your handmade jewelry with the care and special attention it was given when it was made for you. You’ll ensure it stays in pristine condition even when it’s not being worn.


Handmade Jewelry Care: What to Avoid

While our independent jewelry makers and designers use high-quality, durable materials, it’s always best to handle your nature-inspired jewelry carefully. Instead of carelessly tossing your long necklaces on the nightstand, make the extra effort to hang them, tangle-free, after each use. You’ll be happy to so easily put it on next time! 

Avoid taking off your rings and earrings at the sink or leaving them on counters where they may take an accidental trip down the drain, trust us, it really happens! . Place them securely in a jewelry organizer for safekeeping and quick access the next time you’re ready to show them off.


What are the Best Nature-Inspired Jewelry Organizers?

While your jewelry collection varies in material, style, shape, and length, you may decide a variety of jewelry organizers will suit your needs. Consider what you need to sort, where you have space to store your organizers, and how many items you will need to accommodate.

While all your handmade treasures are important, nature-inspired necklaces with resin pendants deserve a designated jewelry organizer. Whether it’s a necklace stand or a creative DIY necklace organizer on your wall, keeping your necklaces free from tangles and your resin pendants free from chips, scratches, and other damage is essential. Trust us; you'll be glad you started organizing and caring for your jewelry when each time you put it on, it looks as if it’s brand new.

Whether you’re looking to expand your nature-inspired jewelry collection or brighten someone’s day with a gift, we have a really nice selection for you to browse through. With a talented group of independent jewelry makers and designers, we’re confident you’ll find a style that suits you. We invite you to support our indie artists and find your new favorite nature-inspired jewelry piece.

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