Alyson’s Picks

Alyson’s Picks

Meet Alyson, one of our nearest and dearest team members at Embellish Asheville. Learn all you need to know, from her Zodiac sign to her favorite jewelry in the store. Stay tuned to hear more of our staff picks and discover more about our community, starting right here, right now.

Get to Know Alyson

So, Alyson, how long have you been working at Embellish? What’s your favorite part of the community?

Since May 2022. The two ladies I work with are always a lot of fun! I enjoy being in their company. 

Have you ever worked with jewelry and self-care products before?

Never jewelry, but I did work in management for a large personal care company many years ago. 

How interesting! Do you have a favorite thing about working for a woman-run business?

I love being a cheerleader for women-run businesses—the ones we carry and the ones I work for! I also think women are better managers!

True that! Any funny work stories to share?

On one of my first days at work, I answered the phone and couldn’t believe they didn’t have a longer cord, as I had to bend over behind the counter to be able to talk on the phone! When I brought that to Barb’s attention, she looked at me and unplugged the charger for the phone. Yes, they still wanted me to work there after that!

Let’s get into what we all want to know—jewelry! What’s your go-to everyday jewelry piece?

Right now, it’s my Jax Kelly crawler earrings

Lovely! What jewelry would you wear to a big occasion?

David Aubrey statement necklace or some sparkly Manyana earrings.

How luxurious! Speaking of—what would you want to receive as a gift?

Anything Ella Stein!

Ella Stein Jewelry and Conflict-Free Diamonds

You and me both, Alyson! Ella Stein is one of our newest brands, and we’re obsessed. If you’ve ever been interested in demi-fine styles or support conflict-free diamonds, this is the jewelry for you. Every dainty and elegant diamond jewelry piece from Ella Stein has been made by empowered female artisans in India.

Whether you’re getting your loved one a luxurious gift or choosing a new piece for your jewelry box, conflict-free diamonds dazzle and shine. If you didn’t know, conflict-free diamonds are mined and shipped without financing civil wars and are certified by the Kimberley Process. Enjoy your peace of mind with your jewelry and fall in love with Ella Stein and its mission, just like we have!

Do you have a favorite indie artist at Embellish Asheville?

I spread my love all around, but lately, I really love what Admiral Row and Stowaway are making.

Do you mainly wear silver, gold, or mixed metals?

I wear it all!

Popular Jewelry Metal Options

  • Sterling silver
  • 14k gold fill
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Rose gold

How to Mix Metals with Jewelry

If you’re bold like Alyson, you wear it all! Some people wear exclusively silver, gold, or other popular jewelry metals, but did you know that mixed metal jewelry has been all the rage lately? Why not wear all your favorite pieces at once? The secret to mixing metals when you style your jewelry is to start with one piece that has both silver and gold tones to tie all your pieces together. 

The Importance of Self-Care

One of the most valued parts of life is self-care. Self-care is all about taking the time to recharge and do things that will help you live a happy and stress-free life, both mentally and physically. Whether you’re going to your favorite yoga class or finding relaxing bath salts to ease your stress at the end of a long day, self-care is crucial. Here at Embellish Asheville, we encourage everyone, coworkers and customers alike, to focus on their self-care however they can. 

Let’s get personal! What do you do for self-care in your life? Practice the art of smudging? Facemasks? Meditate like a yogi? 

I commit to exercising consistently, trying to move most days of the week. I love being in the woods, trail running, and hiking. It clears my mind.

Gifting Self-Care Items

Self-care items are simple and thoughtful gifts for almost anyone in your life, from your grandparents to siblings to best friends. Show your loved ones you support their health and wellness with luxurious products that could help reduce anxiety and stress and improve happiness and energy. Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while—you’re worth it!

I’m sure it’s easy to find self-care presents for your loved ones at Embellish: what product is your go-to gift?

Anything in the comfort and care section. I’m a big fan of shower steamers, bath salts, and lotions. They make great gifts!

Are you creative outside of work? In what ways?

I consider myself creative. I did own a business designing clothes for about six years and had a degree in merchandising and design. While I’m not as artistically creative as I have been in the past, I’m good at using my creative abilities to think outside the box and solve problems creatively.

If you could add any type of product to be sold at Embellish Asheville, what would it be? 

Barb’s own jewelry line!

That’s the inside scoop on one of our beloved staff members, Alyson. Creative, woodsy, a lover of jewelry, and a Scorpio, she’s always a friendly face at our store. Check back in for more staff picks and get to know the empowered women of Embellish Asheville. 

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