Self-Care Gift Guide for You and Your Loved Ones

Self-Care Gift Guide for You and Your Loved Ones

Self-care is maybe the most important thing in all of our lives and, sadly, often one of the most neglected. Think of it like this—we must treat our bodies and brains with kindness and compassion so we can live full and enriched lives. Doing little acts of self-care cannot be put off any longer—they’re much easier to do than you think!

Gifting self-care items to someone you love (or yourself, you can/should/must love yourself, too!) is an easy and thoughtful  way to show them you care. But what exactly is self-care? And what kind of self-care gifts should you give to your loved ones, anyway? Get answers to all these questions and more in our guide to self-care gifting—you may even find a few items you want to keep for yourself!


What is Self-Care?

Self-care can encompass anything that takes care of our bodies, brains, and souls. While some may think self-care is hokey and unimportant, they would be dead wrong. Self-care is the key to a long, healthy, and happy life, and no one can tell you otherwise.

If you’re looking for ideas for self-care, look no further! It could be as simple as calling someone you love when you’re feeling blue, drinking a cup of your favorite tea and practicing mindfulness, or buying a product that makes you feel pampered. Whatever the method, focusing on creating self-care ideas that work for you, and checking in with those you love, is a wonderful thing to do.


The Importance of Self-Care

Too often in our crazy world, we neglect self-care entirely—and that’s completely unfair! Without practicing our self-care ideas, mental health can rapidly decline. Anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues, lowered self-esteem, lack of empathy, and more can be triggered when we forget to care for ourselves. A simple self-care gift can make all the difference.

Coming up with ideas for self-care needs to be a priority in all of our lives for two reasons. Sure, practicing self-care ideas allows you to take care of yourself and avoid all those medical issues we just listed. But it also sends the message to your brain that you deserve to be taken care of. It’s easy to get low on yourself, but by actively taking part in self-care ideas, you may eventually understand that you deserve all the love in the world.


What are the 7 Pillars of Self Care?

In order to feel like an enriched and complete human, there are seven important pillars of self-care that we should try to manage in ourselves and others. By being aware of these seven different areas of your life, you’ll be able to tune in to yourself and discover which parts need inspiring ideas for self-care!

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual
  • Recreational
  • Social


Ideas for Self-Care

There are ideas for self-care to aid every single one of those pillars. Whether it’s a self-care gift or just sharing ideas of self-care with loved ones, actively trying to maintain self-care is important for every one of us. Self-care will help get our brains and bodies as organized as our jewelry should be!

Some ideas for self-care could be as small as taking a daily mental health walk, joining a gym, or seeking therapy. Other ideas  could be more long-term and really big, like planning a vacation or moving somewhere that brings you joy! In the meantime, a self-care gift is a small way to encourage the very notion of self-care within yourself and your loved ones.


What is a Self-Care Present?

A self-care present can be anything that reminds you of the giftee and the kind of self-care they need—something you know they would love or something you’ve noticed they’ve been lacking.

Whether it’s an eye pillow, nail supplies, or a funny framed picture of a favorite shared memory, a self-care gift is good when it’s meaningful and purposeful. No one wants junk that will sit unused in a bathroom cabinet—go for the self-care gift that you know they’ll really use!


What Makes a Good Self-Care Gift Box?

There’s no way to package literal happiness and healing in a box (though, if you figure out how to do that, give a girl a call!), but by putting together meaningful and quirky items, you can come darn close! A good self-care gift box is personal to the loved one you’re making  it for and full of items and ideas for self-care that will re energize and support physical and mental wellness.

The self-care gifts could be something you’ve noticed they’ve been meaning to get but haven’t gotten around to yet or a product that will increase their mental energy and make their lives easier. The presents could also be something that inspires their own ideas for self-care.


Ideas for Self-Care Gift Boxes

No matter who you’re gifting this self-care gift box to, these are things that will likely brighten their day and remind them that their self-care is important:

  • Photos and memories
  • Snacks and meals
  • Books and magazines
  • Plants to care for
  • Crafts and hobbies
  • Beauty products
  • A Journal


Who Should I Give Self-Care Gifts To?

Any person in your life deserves and likely desperately needs ideas for self-care to better their lives, and a gift is a perfect way to inspire! Whether it’s the teacher your kid gushes over, your long-distance bestie, or your supportive family members, a self-care gift may mean the world to someone.

From gifting a thoughtful lotion to your front desk receptionist at work to soothing skincare products to your babysitter, there will always be specific gifts that suit your circle’s self-care needs. It’s all about finding the right one!


5 Loved Ones Who Need Self-Care Gifts

Odds are, you know someone that falls into at least one (if not more) of these categories. Every single one of them deserves to add self-care into their routine, and a thoughtful self-care gift from you would be a great way to kick them into gear. Try some of these gift ideas—and maybe you’ll fall in love with some self-care gifts for yourself, too.

  1. Insomniacs
  2. Yogis
  3. Mothers
  4. Workaholics
  5. Someone who’s ill

Self-Care Gifts for Insomniacs

Sleeping issues are literally exhausting! It can lead to debilitating problems and could be the result of a lack of  self-care. We all likely know an insomniac who could use a little pick-me-up, and we have just the gift ideas for them!

Did you know lavender aids sleep? The scent of lavender is a proven way to coerce a relaxing snooze for those who smell it. One of the best ideas for self-care for an insomniac is a Lavender Eye Pillow. Each of our handmade eye pillows is filled with the best organic French lavender and can be heated up or cooled down to suit their relaxation preferences. Thanks to you, your loved one will be able to work on their sleep schedule and be able to incorporate helpful self-care ideas into their day-to-day life.

Don’t forget a simple but helpful self-care idea for anyone with trouble sleeping: a sleep mask! The plush cotton insides and fine silk cover of these handcrafted Luxury Sleep Masks  fit snugly on their sleeping heads and hopefully leads to a better night’s sleep! An insomniac’s idea of self-care will be completely renewed after receiving these two genius self-care gifts!


Self-Care Gifts for Spiritual Yogis

If you have a crystal/yoga/meditation-obsessed friend, chances are they’ve got a handle on self-care but they might need self-care gifts, too! Even those who seemingly have their  self-care down pat will love a little gift to show that you care about their self-health. Some great self-care gift ideas include picking out the perfect healing crystal for what’s going on in their life or finding something to help boost their auras.

Crystal Elixir Aura Mists are designed to cleanse and recharge a space or a person and help create intention during yoga, meditation, manifestation, and smudging. This is the perfect self-care gift for those who already have intentional self-care routines in place. There’s a perfect blend for every yogini in your life, whether they want to hone in on their chakras or set spiritual intentions. Each spray has a different intention, from connecting to optimism to manifestation to embracing neutrality and more!


Self-Care Gifts for Mom

If there was ever anyone who deserved a reminder to practice self-care, it’s a mother. We all know that moms often put themselves last while caring for their families and balancing work, life, and everything else. Her plate may be full, but her self-care should not be overlooked. Tell a tired mom you’re thinking of her with a kind and personal self-care gift to let her know that you’re looking out for her and her self-care.

Something simple that can be tossed in a bag for on-the-go self-care is the Handmade Healing Oil Roller. With every sniff of the carefully crafted scents, she’ll remember that you love and care for her wellbeing. From essential oil blends that inspire creativity and calm anxiety to those that alleviate headaches, there’s an essential oil roller that’s just right for her.

Inspire ideas for self-care with easy products that can be brought everywhere—that way, the self-care routine can stay the same, whether they’re at work, Little Timmy’s soccer practice, or running errands.


Self-Care Gifts for Workaholics

For better or worse, we live in a world that’s centered around work—every day, the majority of your week, you’re working. But this work-only mentality exists with risks. The risks of overworking yourself are loaded with damaging effects on your mental and physical health. So, a self-care gift for any workaholic in your life can hopefully introduce acts of self-care to their lives, regardless of their workload.

Incorporating even a small practice of self-care into your work-every-day lifestyle can help your overall wellness. The handmade Hand and Cuticle Salve makes a kind and thoughtful self-care gift for any workaholic in your life. With two calming scents, the very act of replenishing their dry hands will remind them that they are worthy and empowered – even outside the office.


Self-Care Gifts for Sick Days

With the cooler weather comes the start of cold and flu season. Who better to receive a helpful self-care gift than someone you love who’s feeling under the weather? It’s so hard to take care of your baseline needs when sick, and something small to remind them that they will be okay and are worth being cared for could be the key to their healing.

There are a few options here. Gifting a calming eye mask like the lavender one we mentioned earlier will give them a nice rest from their ailments. A healing moisturizer that allows them to give special attention to their inevitably dry nose would be a thoughtful gift for anyone sniffling and sneezing. A self-care gift may inspire them to take more actions in healing, as well as warm their heart that you thought of them in their time of need.


Self-Care Gifts to Give Yourself – You’re Worth It!

Some of us love to give, give, give, and forget to take the time to replenish and fill our own cups! Well, we’re not going to let you do that anymore. You deserve items that inspire self-care just like everyone else. It’s time to treat yourself and load up on self-care goodies that will enhance your life.

While any of the products mentioned above will be great additions to your self-care regimen, we also recommend the fantastic O + A Everyday Moisturizer for a chance to revitalize your skin and focus your self-care energy on a daily practice. Taking care of others can be exhausting at times, and we want you to be able to focus on yourself at the end of the day. This rich and creamy body lotion  is handcrafted by a caring mom with simple, organic, and luxurious ingredients to keep your skin (and mental health) looking and feeling fresh.

An idea for self-care could come easily to you, but sometimes, it may get tricky to inspire self-care in yourself and others. By gifting a self-care item, you can remind everyone in your life that they are worth it. That no matter what—they matter (and you do, too!).

Self-care gifts are for everyone, and hopefully, after this quick guide, you will feel inspired to look for ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine and help friends and family and find a few new  ideas for self-care along the way. So, get gifting, and take good care of yourself and the ones that you love!

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