7 Questions to Answer When Choosing the Perfect Bag

7 Questions to Answer When Choosing the Perfect Bag

From brightly colored kindergarten backpacks to the seemingly bottomless purse that never leaves your grandmother’s side, bags are essential accessories that we use throughout our whole lives. There’s a time and place for every type of bag, like your favorite crossbody bag for running daily errands or a fancy clutch for an elegant gala. But how do you pick the perfect bag? Is there such a thing?

Maybe you’re someone who switches their handbag for every outfit (guilty!). Perhaps you love having a trusty, beautiful bag to bring wherever you go. Whatever your style, finding the right crossbody bags, handbags, wristlets, and backpacks for you and your lifestyle is key—and easier than you’d think! Next time you’re hunting down a new bag, remember our tried-and-true methods and enjoy your new favorite accessory.

Why Finding the Right Bag is So Important

Choosing your handbag may seem like an easy-breezy decision, but it can feel quite daunting. How do you know what to look for in a bag? What if your style changes? While we’ve all been guilty of letting inexpensive, poorly made shoulder bags and wallets pile up in the darkest corner of our closet, this doesn’t have to be the norm. Finding and using the perfect handbag for you and your needs will simplify your life (and closet).

Not to mention that bags are incredibly personal—your ideal bag could be completely different than someone else’s. Your bag should be the perfect companion for your daily schedule, hold all your necessities, and suit your everyday style. When you own a staple crossbody or tote, you make your life a little bit easier.

5 Reasons You Should Buy a New Bag

It seems quite silly, but so many of us are great at talking ourselves out of fashion purchases like this one. But we all need a little TLC sometimes, and we’ll be the first to tell you that you deserve a self-care gift—why not let it be a stunning new bag

Some reasons for this new accessory may include:

  1. Your old bag has seen better days
  2. You need a new accessory
  3. You have an upcoming event
  4. It’s nearly your birthday
  5. Just because!

What Your Bag Says About You

As your most visible accessory, your handbag can say a lot about you. Everyone around you can make assumptions about your style and life when they see your beautiful bag choice. 

Think about it—when you see a businesswoman on the street, her shoulder bag seems to reflect her essence: confident, put-together, high-end. You see someone with a backpack walking around a college campus, and you can almost guarantee that it’s full of textbooks and they’re on their way to class. The same goes for your everyday handbag choice, whether that’s a fashionable wristlet or a leather crossbody.

When choosing your next ideal bag, remember that handbags can say a lot about your personality and style. . Carrying a nicely cared-for and well-made bag makes a good impression, no matter what design you choose. It’s time to get rid of any old handbags that no longer suit you and make the investment in a  bag that looks as wonderful as you do! Whether you’re into ever-changing trends or are looking for a timeless piece, your bag is about to be your fashion best friend. 

7 Questions to Answer When Shopping for the Perfect Bag 

Next time you’re browsing online or shopping the racks, pining after beautiful backpacks and handbags, remember this checklist to help you find the ideal bag. When you understand what you need out of your bags, it’ll feel easy!

  1. Is it versatile?
  2. Does it work with your lifestyle?
  3. Is it big enough for your things? 
  4. Is it the right color?
  5. Is it durable?
  6. Where can you bring it? 
  7. Is the style timeless?


1. Does This Bag Work with Your Wardrobe?

Look at your closet and think about the outfits you wear the most. Are there certain colors or patterns that stand out? Textures or styles you lean towards? When you pick up a bag, try to imagine it with your go-to outfits. Choosing a versatile crossbody that can suit multiple styles or combinations of clothes will help you get real use out of your bag, making your purchase worthwhile. 

The handmade Leather Teardrop Handbag can be a shoulder bag or handheld for ultimate versatility, making it perfect for anything, from your meditation and yoga class to elevating your everyday look. Finding the right bag for you means that it can work with almost anything in your closet.


2. How Will This Bag Suit Your Daily Routine?

There is a time and place for a sparkly wristlet but finding the perfect handbag for you means factoring in your daily routine and lifestyle. Consider your work life, what errands you tend to run, and how you commute—noticing things like that can impact the size and styles of bags you should lean towards.

If you’re a student or commute to work, a stylish backpack like The Addis is an easy and comfortable option for carrying all your stuff. If you need a bag big enough for your belongings but cute and functional for daily wear, maybe a crossbody is the way to go! 


3. Can the Bag Fit All Your Necessities?

Take a second and think about what you need in your bag. I’m not talking about the inevitable pile of crumpled receipts or hair ties (we’ve all been there!); think about what you really use. Your bag should fit the basics: phone, wallet, and keys. 

Does it need to be big enough to fit the laptop you bring to the office every day? Or fit a water bottle and a Ballina towel for the gym? Think about everything you need, and make sure it all fits before settling on your next bag.

Fortunately, bags come in all shapes and sizes! Just look at one of our smallest options, the Mare Phone Wallet, which is perfect for any woman on the go. If you’re looking for one that will let you carry a lot more, go for something large like the leather Bianca Tote/Crossbody. 


4. What Color Handbag Works Best for You?

Even after determining the size and style of your ideal shoulder bag or wallet, there’s still one big question: what color should you choose? First, take the colors of your wardrobe, the shoes, coats, and everything in between into consideration—you don’t want your bag to clash! Whether you’re trying to find a bag that matches your seasonal color or one that complements your new shoes, considering color is a huge deal. 

Nudes and neutrals work as a great basic bag color for almost everyone, especially if your style is bright and colorful. If your wardrobe is made of mostly cool colors, try a black, grey, or white handbag. On the other hand, try warmer neutrals like browns, camels, or muted tones, for a warm outfit palette. Your ideal shoulder bag will make a stunning accessory for almost every outfit, so make the color theory work for you!

Fashion rules are made to be broken, so keep this in mind when you’re thinking about colors. If you’re drawn to a bright pop of color, work it, girl! If you like muted colors like those in the Luca Crossbody, help yourself! Your backpack is an accessory to your style and your life.


5. Is This Handbag Durable?

You want your shoulder bag to last with you through years of adventures and style choices, don’t you? When hunting for your next bag, choose one made from a durable material. Leather ages well and can last for decades, making it hands-down one of the best materials for bags due to its durable and resilient nature. With the right tips on how to care for a leather bag, you can make it last a lifetime. 

Check the quality of the interior and exterior to determine whether it’s designed to last. Don’t be tricked by fast-fashion bags; make sure to look at the stitching, fabrics, linings, and hardware and see if it will be easy to clean before you buy a wallet or crossbody on a whim. Making smart decisions for your next bag can save you money and give you a stylish staple piece for years to come!


6. What Occasions Do I Need This Bag For?

Whether you’ve been toting around the same crossbody bag for years or are after your first big handbag purchase, some occasions call for a new bag! Perhaps your going-out outfits are a different style than the rest of your closet, or you need a wristlet to accompany you on an elegant date night. Though you’re welcome to use your everyday bag for any event, why not spice it up with a cute new wallet or shoulder bag that makes you feel confident and stylish? 

Your needs for an everyday bag may be different than what you want in a bag for special occasions. Switching your belongings from your staple crossbody into one that goes with you on your date nights and to parties is easy. There’s nothing wrong with owning a few luxurious bags to add some variety and meet all your bag needs; just make sure you know what styles and sizes complement your outfits!

7. Is This Bag Timeless?

Timeless bags are designed to never go out of style, with cuts, colors, hardware, and vibes that can go with any outfit for years to comeBuying fewer, but higher quality, handbags will also lessen your impact on Mother Earth. Supporting indie artists and handmade products is a sustainable way to find your next crossbody, tote, or wristlet and ensure that it lasts through every style era you go through! 

Types of Timeless Bag Designs

These popular bags have stuck it out in the fashion world for decades, and they aren’t going out of style any time soon!

Browse our bags for a wide selection of beautiful options in classic silhouettes:

  • Crossbody bags
  • Shoulder bags
  • Backpacks
  • Wristlets
  • Totes
  • Clutches
  • Belt bags

What is Your Handbag Supposed to Match?

There’s no set rule about what accessory your handbag should match, but many people love pairing them with their shoes or belt for a cohesive look. Experiment and try matching your bag with your coat or clothing trims and patterns—the options are endless! If you want to be a wild card, let your handbag be the accent to the outfit and not match anything. 

How to Store Your Handbags

Just like you’d care for your jewelry and other accessories, you can keep your new bag in tip-top shape with the proper care. Whether you’re storing away your shoulder bag for the season or just want to keep it pristine, there are a few ways to store and protect your bags. Some prefer to keep them in dust bags, lined up on a shelf, or in bins and baskets out of reach to avoid any damage. If you have a going-out wristlet or a special crossbody to store, this may be the way to go for you!

If you use the same bags regularly, keep your closet organized by placing them on hooks on the inside of the door. If you see your gorgeous wallets and shoulder bags, you’re more likely to remember to use them when you’re getting ready! Don’t be afraid of keeping your everyday bag in perfect condition: it’s going on every adventure with you and will only get better as you break it in with use!

Searching for the perfect bag has never been easier than with our tips and tricks. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the go and need a functional new backpack or a wristlet for an elegant night out—if you answered all seven of our questions, you’ve found the best bag for you! Live stylishly and get ready to show off your new favorite handbag to the world!

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