Dainty Jewelry for the Minimalist Lifestyle

Dainty Jewelry for the Minimalist Lifestyle


If minimalism fascinates you but you haven’t  made the leap, you’re not alone. The idea of no longer being bogged down by ‘stuff’ is massively appealing. But reimagining your closet does not have to mean leaving your love of jewelry behind. With our dainty jewelry, your minimalist lifestyle can be lived with style.

Have you ever dreamed of a classic and timeless jewelry collection? Or maybe you’re looking for those subtle pieces every It-Girl seems to have. Well, we’ve got some inspired options for you.

Whether it’s a classic pair of stud earrings or a favorite necklace, minimalist jewelry is your answer. From a casual daytime look to an evening out, our versatile indie-made dainty jewelry can help you complete almost any outfit and vibe you strive for.


What is Minimalism?

We’ve heard the buzzword light up the internet in the last couple of years, but what exactly does a minimalist lifestyle entail? Minimalism is often described as a way to rid yourself of life’s excess to focus on what’s important, allowing you to find happiness and freedom along the way! In realizing what’s important to you, whether that’s supporting real people and their designs or something else, you can live an honest and fulfilled life.

Minimalist jewelry can be the perfect accessory to this lifestyle! Each piece, from the 14k gold fill Horizon Necklace to the simplistic Love Necklace is designed for wearability and sustainability. Dainty jewelry is often timeless and can certainly zhuzh up any outfit. Adding meaningful and wearable jewelry to your collection just might  be a key to a happy minimalist life.   

While some people love an attention-grabbing statement jewelry piece, others prefer the clean aesthetic of dainty jewelry. With every wear, you’ll be reminded of the caring indie makers who took the time to perfect your favorite accessories. Adorn yourself affordable and carefully crafted pieces designed for your minimalist aesthetic.


Best Type of Minimalist Jewelry for Versatile Wear

I’ll let you in on the long-kept secret about day-to-night looks. If the thought of going right from your office to a blind date to a party spooks you, you are not alone. The key? Dainty jewelry that easily pairs beautifully with any outfit.

These minimalist jewelry designs are made to be shown off no matter the time of day. Beautiful dangly earrings can accent that little black dress you love so much while also complementing your professional wardrobe. We believe that your jewelry should fit your style and your needs. Whether that’s date night or quarterly meetings with your boss, these dainty jewelry pieces will make you feel your most badass self.


5 Great Places to Wear Minimalist Jewelry

Believe us when we say that these dainty jewelry pieces are versatile. They can be dressed up and down all day (and night!) long. Step out in minimalist style when you wear these unique designs to:

  1. Office meetings
  2. Grocery runs
  3. Dinner parties
  4. Nights on the town
  5. Weddings

How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

When you think minimalist, the words classic, effortless, and timeless may come to mind. These pieces are designed to last and to never go out of style. Dainty jewelry is just the cherry on top to complement whatever outfit you put on. You may find yourself reaching for that classic minimalist necklace every day!

On the flip side, feel free to channel your inner fashion guru, ditch traditional, and try playing around! If you’re feeling bold, these necklaces or bracelets can be stacked and layered to create added dimension. Oh, the style options are endless.


Favorite Minimalist Gem Earrings

Everyone deserves handcrafted gem jewelry in their life that they can wear whenever they need to spruce up a look. Each gem has special meaning, and you get to pick which vibe you need most in your life. Pick from our favorite dainty jewelry stud earrings to suit your energy  and minimalist needs:


Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Minimalists

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck, wondering what in the world to gift someone who rolls their eyes at the very idea of clutter, thoughtful, handcrafted dainty jewelry is a no-brainer. Minimalist jewelry is easy to store, simple to style, and, overall, a beautiful gesture. Gifting them something classic like the lovingly made Element Earrings is just one of many ways to remind them you love them.

Stuck on what to gift your millennial friends and family? Minimalist jewelry is in style for the millennial generation who may prefer a classic and timeless style. Understanding how millennials are changing the jewelry game and wearing more usable pieces is key to the fashion world right now. Try the timelessDainty Chain Necklace in gold or sterling silver, to satisfy your gifting needs.


Minimalist Jewelry is Sustainable

Those of us who care about treating our staple pieces with love and attention understand the importance of getting long-lasting use out of each piece. No one wants cheaply made necklaces from big brands that are going to turn green after the first use! Since all these dainty jewelry pieces are handcrafted and made of quality materials, they are sure to last you through years and years of memories without costing you a fortune.

It's easy to be intentional with your minimalist jewelry and ensure that it stands the test of time! There are plenty dos and don’ts of jewelry care, from taking jewelry off when you sweat (we’re looking at you, yogis!) to gemstone maintenance. When you shop with us and the indie makers we represent (and adore!) and care for  your pieces, sustainability is yours for the taking.  

Sustainability, wearability, giftability— the abilities go on and on! Minimalist jewelry could be the key to a happy, freeing, stress-free life. By adding a staple necklace to your outfit, bangles to your wrist, or hoops to your ears, you bring a small yet impactful punch to your outfit and overall vibe.

Dainty jewelry is a timeless addition to your look. As you grow your collection, consider supporting independent makers in the process. Handcrafted with care, each piece may be what you’ve been missing for your minimalist lifestyle. Start your collection of dainty pieces here today. Go on—shop! 

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