Marin's Picks

Marin Kirk wearing sunglasses and black dress at Embellish Asheville

Meet Marin, one of our team members at Embellish Asheville. Learn all you need to know, from her Zodiac sign to her favorite jewelry in the store. Stay tuned to hear more of our staff picks and discover more about our community, starting right here, right now.

Get to Know Marin

So, Marin, how long have you been working at Embellish? What’s your favorite part of the community?

I just celebrated a year of working at Embellish! I love bringing the beauty of the brick and mortar store to an online experience. 

Have you ever worked with jewelry and self-care products before?

While I have worked in a few different retail settings, none of my prior experience was focused fully on jewelry or self-care. Fun fact, I actually used to teach middle school. 

How interesting! Do you have a favorite thing about working for a woman-run business?

I love the way women support one another. I feel respected, empowered, and inspired each day! Alyson mentioned this too, I agree that women are better managers!

100%! Any funny work stories to share?

I think it is pretty hilarious that Barb and Alyson show up in matching outfits, unplanned, everywhere we go. Truthfully, this team is always laughing!

Let’s get into what we all want to know—jewelry! What’s your go-to everyday jewelry piece?

Right now, it's my angel number necklace. Oh! I have also been wearing a Hemlock bandana in every which way. She's a summer style must-have for me.  

Lovely! What jewelry would you wear for a night out?

Honestly, I pick my big tube hoop earrings over and over again. I always get compliments on them, they're so lightweight, and they effortlessly elevate any outfit. Win, win, win.

How luxurious! Speaking of—what would you want to receive as a gift?

I've got my eye on Ella Stein's Horseshoe Diamond Pendant Necklace!

Do you mainly wear silver, gold, or mixed metals?

I am a gold girl through and through. I have one silver piece, a ring made out of a 300-year-old spoon from my late grandmother's collection.

Let’s get personal! What do you do for self-care in your life? Practice the art of smudging? Facemasks? Meditate like a yogi? 

I love to journal. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and spend as much time as I can at the ocean and enjoying the outdoors. It restores my balance and flow. I am a taurus, a.k.a a comfort queen. When I really need a pick-me-up, I love a fancy face mask and a favorite movie, too.

Gifting Self-Care Items

Self-care items are simple and thoughtful gifts for almost anyone in your life, from your grandparents to siblings to best friends. Show your loved ones you support their health and wellness with luxurious products that could help reduce anxiety and stress and improve happiness and energy. Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while—you’re worth it!

I’m sure it’s easy to find self-care presents for your loved ones at Embellish: what product is your go-to gift?

I cannot decide between two of my absolute favorites. The incense cones burn beautifully and come in the best scents. I am also obsessed with O+A Everyday Moisturizer. I have struggled with various skin conditions my entire life, and my skin has never been softer. My friends are loving it too! Even better? It is made in NC and hand delivered to the store by an incredible maker, Vanessa.

Are you creative outside of work? In what ways?

I am a master brainstormer. I love writing, giving gifts and hosting. While those aren't always thought of as creative projects, I love intentional moments and momentos, and I have so much fun creating them!

If you could add any type of product to be sold at Embellish Asheville, what would it be? 

Personalized jewelry. I can never find my name on anything!

That’s the inside scoop on one of our beloved staff members, Marin. Creative, funny, a lover of community, and a true Taurus, she’s always a friendly face at our store. Check back in for more staff picks and get to know the empowered women of Embellish Asheville. 

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