How to Style Dainty Jewelry for You

selection of dainty gold and silver jewelry

With the perfect combination of elegance, style, and wearability, dainty jewelry makes a practical, beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you prefer to rock a staple necklace every day of the week or love your ever changing rotation of dainty earrings, dainty jewelry pieces can elevate any look—it’s just a matter of finding the right design to suit your style!


What Is Dainty Jewelry?

Dainty jewelry typically features delicate chains, simple pendants, and timeless, subtle styles. Unlike statement pieces, dainty earrings and necklaces are made without using bold colors, textures, chunkier chains, or oversized pendants. These timeless accessories are the perfect way to zhuzh up your look, whether you’re dressing in trendy athleisure or your little black dress.


3 Common Questions About Styling Dainty Jewelry

If you don’t already have beautiful dainty earrings and necklaces in your jewelry box, you’re missing out.

Discover the answers to these three questions on dainty styles:

  1. Is it a versatile accessory?
  2. Can it be worn every day?
  3. Will it help me express my style?


  1. Is Dainty Jewelry Versatile? 

In your years of figuring out your style, you may have noticed that not all jewelry can work with every outfit—but that’s where dainty jewelry comes in! Dainty jewelry is a versatile accessory that can be dressed up or down, regardless of the occasion. From farmer’s markets to date night, dainty necklaces and earrings can be worn with anything.  


  1. Can You Wear Dainty Jewelry Every Day? 

With small design choices and a timeless style, dainty jewelry is a favorite choice for people who love having an everyday staple accessory. With dainty earrings you adore and the right jewelry care, styling yourself in the morning involves minimal effort—with maximum payoff.  


  1. Can You Express Yourself with Dainty Jewelry?

Dainty jewelry is a subtle and attainable way to show off your personality and style. Whether wearing a work uniform or going to brunch, you can depend on delicate and dainty jewelry to help you feel like your highest self.


5 Insider Tips for Styling Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry can work for everyone—it’s just a matter of learning how to style it. When you find a dainty necklace or delicate earrings you love, create a beautiful look using our five insider tips:

  1. Wear it alone
  2. Lengths and sizes
  3. Layer it up 
  4. Meaningful pieces
  5. Metals


  1. Wear Dainty Jewelry Alone

With dainty jewelry you love, there’s no need to overthink styling it. Accessorizing doesn’t always mean needing to find the perfect, complete jewelry set—let your dainty earrings or necklace be the star of the show.

If you’re looking for something with a little sparkle, the Diamond Bar Necklace brings a glimpse of luxury to your outfit. For attention-grabbing dainty earrings, add some color to your look with the vibrant and playful SoulKu Gemstone Hoop Earrings.  


  1. Experiment with Lengths and Sizes For Your Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry comes in endless styles, lengths, and sizes—so it’s important to determine what you feel best wearing. Experiment with necklace lengths, pendant sizes, and dainty earring styles to see what flatters you most.

Make necklace length work for you by trying out various dainty necklace options, like the short and sweet Herkimer Diamond Choker Necklace. Don’t forget many of our indie-made dainty necklaces come with extenders, so you can find your perfect length!

Sample different earring sizes to find what flatters you the most. Try our glittering go-to Mini Diamond Huggie Hoops on for size for a small dainty earring. If you like a slightly larger yet still dainty earring, our Organic Circles Hoop Earrings come in two sizes and metal options. 


  1. Have Fun Layering Dainty Necklaces

Learn how to layer your favorite dainty necklaces for endless styles. The layered look is all the rage these days, and as long as you own a few dainty necklaces in different lengths, you can achieve it on your own. Start with the shortest dainty necklace chain and add more on top for a complex, stylish look to transform your outfit. 

Be brave and add a statement piece or go for one cohesive look with your favorite dainty necklaces. Pieces like our Diamond Sun Pendant Earring can be extended into various lengths, making it the perfect centerpiece for a layered necklace aesthetic. Express yourself with dainty layered necklaces!


  1. Find Dainty Jewelry with Meaningful Pendants

Not everything about styling dainty necklaces is about the outward appearance—a piece that holds special meaning to you is equally important. Whether you wear a locket to feel close to your soulmate or want matching pendants with a best friend, a dainty necklace with significance is one way to make your style your own.

Wear a meaningful dainty necklace to connect with your loved ones and roots. We love recommending our Sisters Necklace, featuring two interlinked circles representing your unbreakable bond with your siblings. If you need a little energy boost, try the handmade healing gemstones in the Empowering Necklace. With pieces like that, you’ll treasure your dainty jewelry collection forever.


  1. Pick Your Favorite Dainty Jewelry Metal

The secret to building a complete set of dainty jewelry that works for any occasion is finding pieces of the same metal. Some people feel their best in silver, while others love to glow in gold. You could even go with the bold choice of mixing metals and combining your various dainty jewelry options for a striking look. 

To always have matching dainty jewelry, make sure you have multiple options for dainty earrings, rings, bracelets, and dainty necklaces. We love starting with something simple and timeless, like our Clover Studs, as the base layer for our matching vibe.

When your outfit calls for simple chains and intricate designs, skip the statement jewelry and don your favorite dainty necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. If you’re new to the world of subtle, dainty jewelry, don’t fret! With our tips and tricks, you’ll be styling new dainty jewelry pieces in no time. 

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