Meet the Ballina – The Best Quick-Drying, All-Purpose Travel Companion

Meet the Ballina – The Best Quick-Drying, All-Purpose Travel Companion

Our best-selling Ballina all-purpose Turkish towels. From their endless uses to their luxurious designs, these towels could become your new favorite accessory (I know they’re mine!) If you want an amazing travel companion, a stylish piece for your wardrobe, and much more, the Ballina is right for you.

What is the  Ballina?

Our versatile Ballina towel is an all-purpose, extremely quick-drying Turkish towel that is designed to be easy to carry and store. They are softer, lighter, and more absorbent than your typical cotton bath towel. These towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton, one of the most eco-friendly types of cotton on the market!

Ballinas are unique—the strong Turkish cotton enables them to become more absorbent with every wash, cutting your drying time down after every shower or bath. The more you use these towels, the softer and fluffier they get! And they can be packed down to fit into your favorite leather bag for on-the-go use.

Besides the amazing capabilities and technical aspects, our Ballina is loved and known for its versatility and gorgeous designs. Learning what you can do with a Ballina is half the fun!


Decorating with a Ballina

Our stylish Ballina is too stunning to be confined to the shower or beach bag. Try decorating your whole home with your favorite Ballina and show off your aesthetic anywhere you want. Whether you need a tablecloth for a special event or a throw blanket for your living room couch, the  Ballina ha you covered.


5  Ways to Decorate Your Home with a Ballina

  • Throw blanket
  • Tablecloth
  • Tapestry
  • Window dressing
  • Baby blanket or mat


Traveling with Ballina Towels

Packing our Ballina as a towel instead of a normal beach  towel means no more struggling to close your carry-on (unless you overdid it with the outfits, I can’t help you there!). Designed to be compact, lightweight, and softer than you could dream, Ballina towels make a dependable travel companion. The  Ballina  travels well because they can be folded and packed down small enough to fit in any crammed suitcase; they’re thin, dry quickly, and can have countless uses wherever you’re traveling.

Storing your Ballina in your carry-on means you can whip it out to use as a warm travel blanket at a moment’s notice. Once you’re at your destination, your trusty Ballina can be laid out for picnics and beach days alike. When you’re done with your fun in the sun, you can use them as a beach towel to dry off quickly!

For our world-traveling yogis, a Ballina can act as a simple version of a yoga mat, so your yoga practice can travel with you. Bring your favorite smudging herbs and your Ballina, and you’re ready to go.


3 Ways to Wear a Ballina

Besides just wrapping it around your waist to walk back from the beach, there are quite a few ways to spice up your outfits with a Ballina towel! Show off your inner stylist by showing off your favorite dainty jewelry and your creative Ballina wraps!

Here are three of our favorite ways to style your lavish new towel:

  1. Scarf
  2. Sarong
  3. Wrap


Wearing a Ballina as A Scarf

A Ballina is not just for beach days and poolside lounging—it can also become a scarf at any moment! The super-soft texture can bring comfort and warmth whenever needed and can be folded, tucked, and wrapped into whatever kind of scarf or shawl your heart desires.  


How to Tie a Ballina into a Sarong

Tying your Ballina into a swimsuit coverup is as easy as one, two, three! One: open the towel up. Two: gather the two corners of the top (long) edge in your hands. Three: wrap the towel around your waist and tie those two corners together at your hip. Voila, the easiest sarong at a moment’s notice.


Wear Your Ballina as a Wrap

If you’re looking for a little more coverage at the pool, your towel can be wrapped and tied in endlessly creative ways to make a quick and simple wrap. Try wrapping the entire towel around the back of you with one big knot at your chest. Or create a halter neckline by wrapping it twice, bringing the ends to knot at the back of your neck. No matter how you choose to tie your wrap, the Ballina will be breathable and stylish, giving you the coverage you desire.


Gifting the Ballina

Now that you’ve seen the amazing versatility of our Ballina, consider gifting one to your loved ones! Thanks to their handy design, just about anyone would love to get this towel as a gift.

Know someone getting into yoga? The Ballina works as a makeshift yoga mat for their practice. Buy one for your spouse and kids to take on road trips or long flights and make traveling easier and more comfortable for the whole family. Know someone going away to college? Gift them a Ballina to use as dorm-friendly wall décor or a throw blanket for their bed!

Whether you just need to add a thoughtful touch to a gift basket, find a unique way of wrapping, or give a universal and versatile present for someone special, the Ballina towel can do the trick. Stock up, and you’ll be ready for those last-minute birthday parties and host gifts.

Ballina towels may become your new favorite staple in your home, on your person, and in your travels. With their unique versatility, drying capability, and to-die-for softness, our towels are one of our favorite pieces to date. Whether you’re tying your towel as a wrap at the beach, setting your table for brunch, or revamping your plain bathroom towels, Ballina towels are the way to go!

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