Our 5 Favorite Jewelry Pieces: Discover Jewelry that Goes with Everything

Our 5 Favorite Jewelry Pieces: Discover Jewelry that Goes with Everything

Set yourself up for success with jewelry that goes with any and everything in your wardrobe. Choosing jewelry pieces that you’ll love styling time and time again can be the key to finding your look. With our five favorites, you’ll be ready for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying a ladies’ night out or preparing a home-cooked meal with your sweetie.

Jewelry can be the finishing touch to an outfit, and in the end, owning a collection of jewelry that can be paired with anything is the key to easy dressing and discovering your personal style. From finding the right stud earrings for daily wear  or bangle bracelets that can be dressed up and down, the jewelry we can easily wear every day is our favorite. Why wouldn’t you want to get as much wear out of our unique indie-made jewelry designs as possible?


Why Get Jewelry that Works with Every Look?

Owning jewelry that goes with every outfit lets you style yourself with ease and gives you a staple look. You’ll be able to transition from day to night without stressing and start a collection of well-loved and wearable jewelry pieces that match your personality and style. Finding jewelry you love for every look means you’ll want to take care of it and make it last for years of outfits.


Our 5 Favorite Jewelry Pieces that Go with Everything

  1. Mini Energy Gem Stud Earring
  2. Octogon Brass Bangle Set
  3. Indus Hoops
  4. Mixed Links Necklace
  5. Perfect Little Huggie Earring


Mini Energy Gem Stud Earring for Every Occasion


These stud earrings are dainty and minimal jewelry and designed to go with every look. Not only are they one of our most versatile styles, but the many gemstones have different meanings and can bring different energies into your life. With seven different gemstones to choose from, including opal (symbolizing joy) and green onyx (bringing you abundance), there is a Mini Energy Gem Stud Earring that could be perfect for your energy needs and style.


The Perfect Brass Bangle Set


Bangles can be the perfect accessory—wear one for a simplified look or stack the geometric brass bangles for a more complex style. The timeless brass hue mixed with the modern shape creates a bold look that will beautifully complement any outfit.


Elevate Your Style with Indus Hoops


If you’re looking for a more elevated jewelry piece to match your dazzling personality, look no further than our Indus hoops. Cast in brass and gold plated, these hoops have a cool geometric design that adds interest to your look. Perfect for a day at the office or an elegant night out, these hoop earrings will work with every outfit.


Mixed Links Necklace


The Mixed Links Necklace may be the staple necklace you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re after a gold or silver style, you’ll want to add this well-made necklace to your jewelry box. The intricate design gives just enough pizazz to your outfit without being overly distracting, making it the perfect standalone piece for everyday wear or the best length of necklace for layering.


Perfect Little Huggie Earring for Every Outfit


One of our favorite go-with-everything options is the Perfect Little Huggie Earrings. With their classic look, these earrings are perfect to wear alone or with multiple piercings. Huggie earrings make the best staple earrings for anyone who wants an elevated yet simple look on the daily.


How to Choose Jewelry that Goes with Every Outfit


It may seem like a tall order but selecting jewelry that you love and are inspired to style is quite simple. Finding dainty, minimalist jewelry that will complement you and your outfits is all about finding what styles you love and where you want to accessorize with jewelry. With these tips and tricks, we’ll help you determine the right go-to jewelry for you!


3 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Go-With-Everything Jewelry

Having staple pieces of everyday jewelry is a simple way to always look and feel like the put-together queen you are. Don’t be scared; we have three ideas for how you can determine the best jewelry for every one of your outfits.

  1. Discover what metals make you feel confident and cute and what complements your style the most. Stick to one type of metal so it can all be matched together—or go completely modern and confidently mix metals to wear all your favorite jewelry at once.
  2. Play around with layering your jewelry. Loving jewelry that goes with everything doesn’t have to mean only featuring that piece in your outfits. Try the layered bangle bracelets or, if you have multiple piercings, stack a stud earring with the hoop earrings for a little more oomph.
  3. Look at your wardrobe and find future style inspirations and take note of what you see. Do you have an affinity for wearing the same type of necklace or hoop earrings every day? Would all gold jewelry be the best set to match the gold loop on all your belt buckles? What styles would look best with the dress you always wear out? Asking these questions can be the key to finding how to make your jewelry work with every look.  


Does Metal Color Matter for Everyday Jewelry?

If picking the right metal for your jewelry feels daunting—don’t worry; there’s an easy way to choose your go-to jewelry. One of the keys to selecting the best daily wear pieces, no matter the event, is figuring out which metal works for you.

People with cooler skin tones tend to shine in lighter metals, like white gold, platinum, and silver. Those with warmer skin tones rock the copper, brass, and yellow and rose gold jewelry. Figuring out how to find your skin tone could be a significant step in helping you create your jewelry collection. But, these aren’t hard and fast rules, if you love silver, wear silver!

If you’ve ever asked yourself if it’s okay to mix metals in your everyday jewelry, the short answer is yes: mixing metals has been rising in popularity, and with the right confidence and styling, you can make it work for you! Try our simple gold bangles with a silver Mixed Links necklace, and sprinkle in your other favorite two-toned jewelry to complete the look.

Discover our five favorite jewelry pieces that go with everything and elevate each of your looks with ease. Finding a personal style and celebrating handmade jewelry are only two of the benefits when it comes to selecting your everyday jewelry. Make your life (and accessorizing) easier with our go-with-everything jewelry pieces ASAP!

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