Barb’s Winter Style Guide

Barb’s Winter Style Guide

The first snow of the season is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your closet prepared for winter. I’m here to give you my insider tips about which beautiful pieces I’ll be wearing during this chilly season! Sit down, grab a cup of hot cocoa (whip cream and marshmallows to top it off, obviously), and get inspired.

From staying in, snuggled up by the fire to sipping Champagne at fancy holiday parties, we’re going for comfy, cute, and cozy in every outfit we wear! We’re not going to let the chilly weather keep us from being our most empowered selves.


Winter-Inspired Looks

If you take a walk down your street in winter, what do you see? Icicles hang from eaves, sparkling lights glow through windows, and people wearing soft and cozy outfits that evoke a sense of comfort! Just like drawing inspiration from nature for jewelry, I feel inspired by the beauty of winter, and this season, I’m going to mirror it in my outfits.

I can’t wait to be bundled up by the fireplace in one of my favorite soft sweaters or strolling downtown with my husband in my warmest scarves. And, from wearing earrings that sparkle just enough to my coziest favorite beanie, my winter style this year will be warm, festive, and always comfy. There are endless winter activities to dress for, and we deserve to be excited about every cozy outfit we wear!


How to Dress Cozy and Cute in the Winter

Honestly, the secret to feeling cozy and cute in the winter is that it’s all about the accessories! Being bundled up may not have you feeling your cutest but adding cuddly pieces that excite you will. No matter the outfit, your winter accessories will have you feeling cute, comfy, and stylish.

My favorite winter products are easy to take on the go, so you can bundle up when needed! A  leather bag designed with more than enough room for all of your cozy layering needs is great to have on-hand (on-shoulder?) so that you’ll be prepared with your backup gloves and the super-silky Soft Noise Scarf when the snow starts falling. Take care of your bag, and it’ll last you for many winters to come.


Head-to-Toe Winter Style Tips

Focus on these areas from the top down to home in your style through these winter months!

  1. Beanies
  2. Skincare
  3. Layering
  4. Ponchos
  5. Party outfits


How to Dress the Perfect Beanie

There’s a slight chill in the air—maybe you’re rushing to get ready for work or a festive activity but just can’t be bothered to spend an hour planning the perfect winter look. Look no further than my go-to winter accessory, the FU X Hat!

I find planning your outfit around a beautiful, handmade hat is a lovely tip for the wintertime. Throwing a hat on can make outfits feel more laid back, and with a fun colorful hat like this, your comfiest beanie can be the star of your outfit. I can’t seem to find any negatives with wearing one of these merino wool hats with almost any outfit; can you? 


Skincare Tips in the Winter

How’s that saying go? You’re never fully dressed without a smile! Your beautiful face is your number one accessory, and in the winter, you may need to give it a little more TLC than usual. While skincare isn’t technically winter wear, it plays a vital role in keeping us feeling fresh and looking our best this winter season!

Why do you need to focus on moisturizing in the winter? Many of us deal with skin that tends to dry out and crave moisture when the weather gets cold—that’s where skincare comes in!

Using simple and clean products will keep your skin glowing in the coldest months and is crucial to add to your routine ASAP! You’ll find yourself feeling more confident and secure with a consistent skincare routine. My go-to skincare product this winter season (actually every season)  is the O + A Everyday moisturizer, and I know I’ll be able to trust that my face and body  will be well hydrated and glowing all season long!


5 Great Skincare Ingredients for the Winter

These five ingredients found in the O + A Moisturizer will keep your skin glowing and soft throughout the harsh winter months.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil
  2. Organic aloe vera gel
  3. Organic shea butter
  4. Vitamin E oil
  5. Soothing essential oils


Best Tips on Layering Outfits

If you’ve ever dealt with the frigid cold and not known how to keep it cute with your clothes, you’re not alone. We’ve been there—but if you dress in a way that makes you feel empowered, you may just become unstoppable.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to layering and looking cute in the winter: 

  • Step 1: Try starting with a basic, neutral-toned shirt, but get ready to throw on your favorite soft poncho or chunky knit sweater to get the warmth locked in!
  • Step 2: After you mix and match to feel your comfiest, adding a jacket, hat, and gloves will have you feeling put together and ready to face the cold, cold season.
  • Step 3: Play around with textures, different sweater knits, and fun patterns to keep your wardrobe interesting and adorable.


Layering can be a key to feeling cute (and staying warm!) throughout the winter—you can bet I’ll be bundled up!


How to Wear a Poncho in the Winter

There’s no shame in going for comfy and cozy in your outfit, and whether that means your softest T-shirt and your fav reliable jeans or a turtleneck and leggings, a poncho can upgrade almost any outfit. I get it—some days, you wake up to the cold, and putting together an outfit seems impossible. But adding something like my favorite Triangle Poncho is a quick and easy way to dial your personal style way up and add visually interesting layers!

Ponchos, long scarves, sweaters—no matter what the outfit is, you can never have too many fantastic layers in the colder months! Try some of my favorite everyday pieces handmade by our lovely indie designers and makers. Owning pieces that pull an outfit together inspires me to dress my best (and comfiest) every day of the winter!


Dress Your Best for Holiday Festivities

Not only is it about to get colder, but we’re nearing the many months of nonstop winter festivities and fun! No matter what you’re celebrating, there will be countless excuses to bring out your favorite dangly earrings and accessories for every outfit and event. From nights lighting the menorah to daytime pictures meeting Santa with the kids, every festive activity is an excuse to dress to impress!


You’ll Want to Accessorize for These Festive Occasions:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Holiday parties
  • Meeting Santa
  • Hanukkah
  • New Year’s Eve


From head to toe, you deserve to feel cozy, warm, and beautiful this winter season—I know that’s my goal! Whether you’re dressing up and exchanging gifts or chilling around the house, our soft ponchos, scarves, and beanies are the way to go. Take care of yourself in these upcoming chilly months, and let this quick and easy winter style guide help you through!

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