What You Should Know About Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry

What You Should Know About Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry

The diamond industry has been around for ages, as seen on the crowns of kings and queens, the necks of Old Hollywood stars, and likely even in the engagement rings around you! But conflict free diamonds are another story entirely. If you’re a lover of the dazzling diamond, like we are, it’s time to learn all about conflict-free diamond jewelry. 

You may have heard the term “conflict-free diamond” used, but do you know what it means? Where to find them? How to style them? If you answered no to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Let us teach you the ins and outs of conflict-free diamonds so you can feel good about wearing diamond pieces sustainably and stylishly.


What is a Conflict-Free Diamond?

Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds that are mined and shipped without financing conflict or civil war. Unfortunately, some big-name brands in the diamond jewelry business often buy conflict diamonds, often referred to as blood diamonds, without regard to how these purchases support conflict, war, and inequity. Ethical diamonds go a step further and are mined ensuring worker safety and fair pay and must follow a process that focuses on preventing harm to the environment and the communities where those mines are located.


3 Qualifications of Conflict-Free Diamonds

In order for a diamond to be called conflict-free, there is a strict list of qualifications. These ensure total honesty and transparency in the diamond fashion world and enforces conflict-free behaviors at every step of the process, from mining to clasping the diamond necklace around your neck. 

  1. A commitment to transparent practices from mine to market
  2. Certifying the origins of raw diamonds
  3. Must pass the Kimberley Process


What is the Kimberley Process?

When you are deciding to purchase diamond jewelry (or any jewelry!), it's important to consider the origins. When it comes to diamonds, the Kimberley Process answers all those questions. In efforts to not play a role in ongoing conflict in Africa, the best of the best in the diamond business adhere to the Kimberley Process, which has developed regulations and requirements for each step of the diamond mining process. It is designed to certify the origin of rough diamonds in each step of the process from the mine to our store, rooted in a UN mandate.

Over 70 countries have chosen to participate in this process, dedicating their time and energy to putting an end to blood diamonds. Every step of the way is designed to increase transparency, and each diamond must be signed off by trustworthy workers to be fully certified as a conflict-free diamond. The Kimberley Process works towards a safe and honest future for the diamond business.


5 Requirements for the Kimberley Process 

Every company participating must do the following to get their conflict-free diamonds in the market for designers to make their creative jewelry:

  1. Establish national legislation and import and exports controls
  2. Agree to be transparent about their practices 
  3. Trade only with other Kimberley-compliant members
  4. Be able to certify shipments as conflict-free
  5. Provide the supporting certification for every diamond when asked


Why Are Conflict-Free Diamonds Important?

If it isn’t clear already, little businesses like ours care about the people involved at every level. We choose to purchase from vendors that focus on vetting the origin of each precious gemstone. Knowing the diamonds featured in your favorite demi-fine jewelry or gift to others are conflict-free is a wonderful feeling. 


Can Diamonds Be Sustainable?

A couple of decades ago, the answer would’ve been no. In fact, the question probably wouldn’t have come up. But as we grow more environmentally aware and ethically conscious, our diamonds should, too. The Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) leads the way for sustainability within the jewelry industry. 

Diamonds are considered sustainable when they have been ethically sourced, lab-grown with environmentally conscious practices, or recycled and reused. If you’re after diamonds from companies who care about this earth we call home, check for these processes. Any diamond business that truly cares about sustainability will be transparent and honest. They will also care about every step of their business, from empowering and supporting their workers to recyclable packaging. 

One of our favorite ways that our new brand, Ella Stein, makes sure its diamonds are sustainable is that every single piece cut from the diamond is repurposed into another piece. A sustainable diamond industry is possible with the right intentions  and actions.


Why Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your special someone or shopping for timeless diamond jewelry to add to your collection, sustainability is key. On top of jewelry care basics to help you get years out of your pieces, shopping indie-artist companies with honest intentions and determining if your jewelry is made from a conflict-free diamond is a step towards a healthy future.


Conflict-Free Diamonds Are Not More Expensive

If you have it in your head that conflict-free diamonds will be more expensive, think again. Since all diamond retailers must follow these guidelines, there’ll be no price hike for these glittering gems! If you have the budget for a blood diamond, you can afford conflict-free diamond jewelry and feel good about its origins. Enjoy your demi-fine jewelry and sparkling diamonds with a clear conscience.


Conflict-Free Diamonds are Beautiful

You lose nothing when it comes to beauty for conflict-free diamonds. Every gemstone is carefully cut, polished, and set into the beautiful demi-fine jewelry you see today. No more questionable morals of a blood diamond with these equally beautiful conflict-free diamonds. 


Shop Conflict-Free Diamonds with a Clear Conscience

Every time you put on your conflict-free diamond jewelry, you’ll be able to know, with almost 100% certainty, that it was mined, crafted, and shipped with your values in mind. Every step of the journey was documented,, from the very first time someone touched it to the moment you used it as an accessory. Feel confident and empowered in your sustainable jewelry choice with conflict-free diamonds. 


Ella Stein’s Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry

Our deep dive  into this topic is  inspired by one of our most recent additions to our shop—Ella Stein. At Embellish Asheville, we care deeply about the people who create the wares we sell, including the empowered Ella Stein artisans in India. Conflict-free diamonds set in recycled metal are the brand’s forte, and the creative styles may be your new favorite accessories. I know I’ll be wearing it this winter and every season after, for that matter!

With delicate demi-fine jewelry that will make anyone sparkle, Ella Stein is after an ethical diamond world. Each piece is 100% recycled sterling silver, its artisans are paid fair wages and receive amazing benefits, and its business is RJC and Kimberley Process certified. Every tiny piece of the diamond is used until there’s nothing left, leaving no trace and creating beautiful, dainty jewelry.


What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

You keep hearing us use this phrase, but what does it really mean? Demi-fine jewelry is the bridge between fine jewelry and modern fashion jewelry. If you’re looking for affordable diamonds, demi-fine jewelry is perfect for your organized jewelry box.

Demi-fine jewelry is the sweet spot for jewelry lovers who can’t justify breaking the bank for fine jewelry but don’t want to contribute to fast fashion and buy cheap metal pieces (who else is traumatized by rings turning your finger green?). The happy alternative is found in demi-fine jewelry

Ella Stein is a star in the world of demi-fine jewelry, and each piece features those conflict-free diamonds you’ve learned so much about! With both silver and gold options, the potential for styling skyrockets. Enjoy the company’s pieces on our website and get the best of both worlds. 


5 Ways to Style Demi-Fine Jewelry

Everyone needs a little help sometimes when finding the right ways to show off their favorite demi-fine jewelry. With these Ella Stein conflict-free diamonds, there are endless style choices for you to explore, whether you’re looking for an everyday staple or a piece for a special occasion. Use these as inspo the next time you browse our demi-fine jewelry options. 

  1. Wear studs as a staple
  2. Choose a statement piece
  3. Wear hoops for a night out
  4. Try a matching demi-fine jewelry set


1. Wear Demi-Fine Jewelry Stud Earrings as a Staple

If you’re looking to kick your style up a notch on the daily, try out a pair of Diamond Heart Studs or Diamond Disc Studs. Studs go with almost every outfit and make a simple, go-to look elevated with just one accessory. Lightweight, delicate, and handmade, these stud earrings are perfect demi-fine jewelry for everyday wear. Glimmer and shine with those tiny conflict-free diamonds!


2. Make a Statement with Demi-Fine Jewelry

If you’re someone who shies away from the minimalistic jewelry approach, statement demi-fine jewelry pieces are for you! Whether you’re dressing up to be a showstopper at an event or are craving an extra special touch to your outfit, try something more unique, like the Angel Wing Diamond Necklace


3. Switch Your Everyday Demi-Fine Jewelry to Hoops

For a simple way to elevate your jewelry game, switch the traditional studs in your ears for diamond hoop earrings. Hoops are a lovely accessory for almost any occasion, from a day in the office to a night on the town. Try the Large Diamond Hoops to sparkle all night long or the elegant Diamond Studded Teardrop Hoops for a way to dazzle all day long. If you’re not ready to go big, don’t go home—try out the Medium Diamond Hoop earrings for a subtle standout look. 


4. Wear a Demi-Fine Jewelry Set for A Cohesive Look

Don’t stress about styling pieces together from your jewelry box—if you own two pieces from one collection, you’ll look put together every time! Pair the Open Circle Diamond Necklace with the Open Circle Diamond Studs for a complete demi-fine jewelry look for any occasion. Show off those conflict-free diamonds, and get ready to show off your prized collection!


Gifting Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry

Don’t be afraid to treat others to these demi-fine jewelry pieces that you’re stocking up on! Not only will your loved ones appreciate the beautiful jewelry you’ve gifted them, but they’ll love knowing the diamonds are free of conflict and the pieces are sustainably made. There are demi-fine jewelry styles for everyone, so stock up on presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and our favorite, the just-because-I-love-you-gifts. Little luxuries are perfect gifts.

Understanding the complex world of conflict-free diamonds isn’t easy. After learning about the ins and outs of this crazy, dazzling world, you now understand why these ethical and sustainable gemstones are the future. Keep the earth happy and your jewelry boxes stocked with these luxurious, affordable, demi-fine jewelry lines.

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