The Dos and Don’ts of Necklace Layering

The Dos and Don’ts of Necklace Layering

When scrolling through social media these days, it’s hard to miss the fashionable masses with their multi-layers of chunky and dainty necklaces. Is wearing just one staple silver necklace on the outs? There’s one thing for certain; learning the best ways to layer your gold and silver necklaces may bring out the most fashionable version of you.

If you want to rock this cool look but have no idea where to start, you’re in luck! It’s time to learn how to express your creative visionary side with your go-to necklaces. Deep dive into the dos and don’ts of necklace layering with us, and walk away inspired!


What Are Layered Necklaces?

Layered necklaces are multiple chains that are all worn at once, rather than wearing one dainty necklace at a time. Some prefer to wear the ones designed as individual necklaces, with multiple strands attached at one clasp, for ease. But if you really want to take on a challenge, personalize your look by choosing your own silver and gold necklaces to layer for the perfect way to show off your gorgeous sense of self!

If you gather all your chunky and dainty necklaces to mix and match, you, too, can become a queen of the layered necklace style. Pair your newfound trend with a pair of your favorite dangly earrings for a maximalist look!


Is Layering Necklaces in Style?

Oh, honey, it’s never gone out of style! In fact, people from different cultures all over the world have been layering their necklaces for centuries, from the beaded Maasai necklaces of East Africa to the double-layered pearl necklaces of the 1920s flapper girls. It just so happens that necklace layering is a hot trend in the here and now, too!


How to Choose a Necklace Thickness for Layering

Kind of a trick question—any style of gold, brass, or silver necklace can layer if you put your mind to it. If your favorite dainty necklace has a delicate, thin chain, you’re in luck! Almost every single one of us has these in our jewelry box, and you can use any beloved dainty necklace while necklace layering.

Thicker chains and styles of necklaces are a blessing in disguise for necklace layering, thanks to their weight! They tend to sit in one place and not move around much, as opposed to dainty necklaces that can slide around quite a bit. Combine the varying styles of necklaces, and you’ll create a tangle-free, dimensional look for yourself.


How Many Necklaces Should I Layer?

If you’re just getting into this trend, try starting out with two necklaces you love. Maybe it’s your all-time favorite choker-style gold necklace and a longer, dainty necklace that seem to make a good pair. Stick to what feels familiar as you adjust to wearing multiple necklaces at once.

Once that starts to feel like the new norm for your fashion, add a third! The rule of three is a good standard for necklace layering to get the most varied dimension and styles in your necklaces. The human brain loves the number three, but don’t let that be the limit—if you feel the urge to keep layering your gold and silver necklaces, pile them on to your heart’s content!


Necklace Layering with Different Lengths

When you choose the silver or gold necklaces you want to layer, it’s important to get the order right to avoid tangling. Start off with the shortest, daintiest necklace at the base. After that, each silver necklace layered should be longer than the one before to create depth and dimension. You’ll also want to remember to try to have at least 2 inches of space in between each silver necklace to fully show off every pendant and chain you love.


3 Popular Necklace Lengths for Layering

These three necklace lengths are sure to make a beautiful, layered look. Sticking with these three is an easy rule of thumb when picking your jewelry for layering! If you’re showing off your favorite gold necklaces, it’s crucial that for every gold necklace you add on, add two inches to the length to allow each one to stand out.

These three lengths will look stunning on just about anyone, so try these necklace lengths as you’re starting out.

  1. 16-inch
  2. 18-inch
  3. 20-inch


Can I Use Different Styles in Necklace Layering?

Please do! Use different chain types and pendant styles for the most fashionable and expressive style of necklace layering. It may seem advanced to someone just starting out with necklace layering, but mixing your dainty necklace chain with a chunky gold necklace is actually one of the most compelling reasons to layer. Choose multiple styles of necklaces to create a visual masterpiece.

Playing with the textures of your necklaces is where a lot of the fun comes in! Try mixing your thinnest silver necklace with a thicker chain-link silver necklace, and voila - a simple but sure way to bring dimension and excitement to your necklace layering. Or, try matching your already multi-layered Jovie Dainty Chain Necklace with a charm necklace, like the Waning Crescent Necklace.

Mix and match your favorite necklaces, and don’t worry about the chain styles matching—it’s more exciting if they don’t!


Avoid Layered Necklaces Tangling

We’ve all probably experienced the frustration of tiny knots in our favorite chains or trying to untangle two dainty necklaces from the bottom of the jewelry box. But don’t worry; there’s an art to layering necklaces without tangles.

Always, always, always have your necklaces be different lengths—that’s a given. But it’s also helpful to have each necklace be a different weight. That way, each chain will stay in its place and avoid tangling. Try pairing a dainty necklace with a thicker chain: not only will you have fun experimenting with the opposite aesthetics, but the necklaces are much less likely to knot together.


How Do I Untangle Necklaces?

So, you accidentally got your necklaces in a twist—we’ve all been there. Sometimes, try as we might, our jewelry tangles in our messy jewelry box (which, by the way, it’s time to reorganize your jewelry situation). Try lying them on a flat surface and take something small and pointed, like a needle, to gently wiggle the knots loose. Some baby powder or baby oil may come in handy for particularly stubborn knots.


Necklace Layering with Shirt Necklines

The neckline of your shirt has everything (and I mean everything) to do with pulling off this new layered look. The key to showing off your necklace layering is to wear something that allows for the layers to be admired.

You’ll want to choose a neckline that doesn’t match the lengths of any of your necklaces. Whether you opt for a high neckline for all the necklaces to lay above or a plunging neckline that allows necklaces to drape down without touching fabric, the top you’re wearing affects your necklace layering look.


Best Necklines for Necklace Layering

  • V-neck
  • High neck
  • Crew cut
  • Sweetheart
  • Square


How to Style Necklace Layers to Your Outfit

From gold necklaces to silver necklaces, each layer you put together has the ability to enhance almost every type of outfit! And whether you’re dressing to impress  or dressing for yourself, necklace layering makes a stylish statement.

For a comfy, down-to-earth look, wear your chains over a basic crew neck T-shirt and let them be the star of the outfit. Toss on a button-down (leaving a few top buttons undone for that sexy, empowered feel) and let each layer of your gold necklaces be shown off for a bold look. Feeling chilly? Try layering your necklaces over a high-neck sweater or turtleneck so each shining silver necklace can be seen over the knit material. The options go on and on!


What’s the Best Necklace for Necklace Layering?

It’s a popular belief that a Stem Lariat necklace is the best one to wear while necklace layering. Since lariat necklaces are longer than many, they add dimension in a really simple way. They connect in front and have a hanging tassel piece that adds more length to make a dependable choice for your necklace layering.


Use a Statement Piece While Necklace Layering

Whether your style is gold necklaces, silver necklaces, or both (more on that in a second!), a super easy hack is to have one of the necklaces be a statement piece. This will draw the eye to a focal point every time you layer.

Your statement gold necklace of choice could be a dainty necklace with a simple charm like your favorite nature-inspired pieces or a Peace Sign Charm Necklace. Even with a small charm, dainty necklaces have the power to draw attention to even the littlest of details. A dainty necklace should be a closet staple for your everyday necklace layering.

On the flip side, you could pick a fabulous, chunky statement gold necklace with a bold crystal or gem at the center. Not only does introducing a statement piece into your layers add depth, but this daring choice is also a great conversation starter for anyone who notices your decked-out neck!


Focusing on One Metal While Necklace Layering

Sticking to one type of metal is a simple and classic way to pull together a layered necklace look. While it’s not the only way to decorate your décolletage, it is one that feels easy and achievable when you’re first starting out with necklace layering.

If you’re a silver necklace fan, you likely have a few different ones already lying around. By combining each silver necklace with the rules we’ve discussed, you’ll immediately pull together a thoughtful look.

The same goes for gold necklaces! Something about gold jewelry, specifically gold necklaces, feels ageless. Try a base 14k gold-fill Horizon Necklace as the anchor for  your glamorous necklace stack.


Can You Mix Metals with Necklace Layering?

Somehow, somewhere, an unspoken rule about not combining silver necklaces and gold necklaces is still around.. While layering just silver necklaces or gold necklaces is simple and stunning, we’re here to tell you that mixing metals is an exciting new option! Mixing metals can bring complexity to your necklace layering and has become one of the hottest fashion trends of the year. 

For a visually stunning look, take your favorite gold necklace, and with the previous dos, mix in a couple of silver necklaces! This way, you’re not only making a bold choice, but you’ll feel empowered to wear all your favorite pieces and not be defined by one metal type. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, use one of our favorite dainty Luxe Necklaces for a pop of color.


3 Tips for Mixing Metals in Your Jewelry

  1. Focus on balancing an equal amount of silver necklaces and gold necklaces to create a seamless mixed look.
  2. Discover your skin color undertones: Yellow and rose gold necklaces complement warmer skin tones, whereas white and silver necklaces pair well with cool skin tones. But these are only guidelines, you should wear what you love. You know what looks good on you better than anyone else!
  3. Find one or two mixed metal  jewelry pieces to tie all your necklaces together in one cohesive style, like the Love Necklace.


Can You Layer Two Necklaces of the Same Length?

Here’s the thing—while it’s going to be a better look and easier overall for you to just use different lengths while necklace layering, there can be an exception. If your two favorite dainty necklaces happen to be the exact same length, there is a necklace layering trick you could try before scrapping the idea.

To achieve the look, you’ll want to start by laying both chains flat. Then, attach one of the dainty necklace clasps to the other’s hook, wrap the now-long chain around your neck once, and attach the remaining clasp and hook in the back. You can then shimmy the dainty necklaces into place, and there you have it!


How to Take Care of Your Necklaces

If you’re following all these suggestions, your dainty necklaces and other pieces shouldn’t be getting too much wear and tear, but it’s always important to take the best care of your favorite pieces so they last as long as possible. Some must-do jewelry care basics when it comes to taking care of your gold necklaces and silver necklaces include always taking them off when you’re around water or sweat—even if it may seem like a pain to undo every clasp.

Feeling inspired yet? The world of layering your gold and silver necklaces really isn’t as daunting as it seems with these helpful tips, tricks, and suggestions. Whether you want to show your dainty necklace some love by matching it with a chunky piece or are ready to step into the world of mixing metals, there’s a style of necklace layering for each and every one of us.

And remember, this is your time to mix and match and go wild! With countless style choices, from chain type to pendant, you can play around and learn to rock your own personal layered necklace look!

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