How to Determine Which Style of Bag is Right for You

How to Determine Which Style of Bag is Right for You

They say that behind every successful woman is a fabulous bag—and maybe they're onto something! Whether you prefer a minimalist wallet wristlet look or adore carrying a leather tote bag, your bag says everything about who you are and your kind of lifestyle. That's why it's essential to have the best bag for you! 

Some people invest in one crossbody leather bag and fill it daily. Others love switching out their bags for different occasions. Whether you use one everyday bag or are starting quite the collection (guilty as charged!), figuring out the right bag or wallet wristlet for you and your style can feel overwhelming. From choosing a material to imagining it paired with your wardrobe, there are a few ways to ensure you make the best bag decision—it's just a matter of knowing how to shop!


Why Everyone Should Own a Bag They Love

One could argue that a bag is one of the most valuable accessories in a woman's wardrobe—and they'd be right! Whether you rock a leather tote bag or love a wallet wristlet, your bag tells the world all about you. Anyone can show off their style and express themselves with a bag, whether a vibrant, beaded clutch or a sleek crossbody leather bag. 

Bags are also multifunctional accessories. While stylish statements are a fun bonus, everyone needs a bag to hold their bits and bobs. From your cell phone to your credit card to on-the-go snacks (and, as many of us know, much, much more), crossbody leather bags and wallet wristlets allow you to carry all your necessities wherever you go.  

Whether you need a backpack that fits a laptop or a large leather tote bag for trips to the beach, bags are necessary for every kind of lifestyle. Everyone uses bags in their day-to-day life, from grocery shopping to traveling abroad to going to dinner. So why not invest in a leather tote bag that shows off your style and personality? 


How Many Bags Should You Own?

While it may feel hard to cut yourself off once you've unlocked the secrets to finding the perfect bag, you should consider how many bags are too many in your closet. It's a great idea to have at least three bags of different sizes and purposes—we recommend a small wallet wristlet, a dependable crossbody leather bag, and a large leather tote bag. 

You should also consider how often you'll use your bags. Owning a plethora of bags makes sense if you constantly rotate your pieces. But, if you tend to stick to one or two crossbody leather bags, you may not need many more in your collection. With a beautiful selection, each one deserves to be seen and used—so stick to owning an amount you'll actually reach for.


5 Popular Bag Styles and Their Uses

With so many styles to choose from, it’s important to know the different types of bags, from leather tote bags to wallet wristlets.

These five are beloved must-have bags for any closet.

  1. Tote 
  2. Crossbody
  3. Wallets/wristlets
  4. Fanny pack
  5. Backpack


Pack Whatever You Need with Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most versatile styles out there. Created with extra roomy interiors for endless storage and a sturdy strap, our leather tote bags are made for carrying anything and everything you need. From heading to the beach with a Ballina towel to carrying your tablet and notepad to an office meeting, leather tote bags are perfect for almost any occasion.  

Totes can be made in various materials, but we prefer our leather tote bags for a stylish, durable and elegant statement. Our Bianca Tote/Crossbody leather bag is perfect for anyone who wants a little extra space in a bag without sacrificing beauty. In a pinch, a canvas or leather tote bag can be helpful on a quick  grocery run, eliminating the need for plastic bags at the store!


Be Prepared for Anything with Crossbody Leather Bags

Crossbody bags are designed to sit comfortably on your shoulder, so you'll never be weighed down by your necessities again. These crossbody leather bags usually come with a few interior pockets to help you keep your possessions organized. With a long strap, you can wear our crossbody leather bags in one of two ways: diagonal across your chest with it sitting on the opposite hip or straight down on one shoulder. Either way, the crossbody bag style is one of the perfect bags for anyone on the go.

Crossbody leather bags are essential for anyone's closet, whether you prefer a small size to fit your keys and phone or a larger one for laptops and work files. From running errands around town or meeting up with friends for a hike, a crossbody leather bag can help you carry whatever you need that day.


Our 3 Favorite Crossbody Leather Bags:

Sleek, versatile, and universally stylish, these three crossbody leather bags are destined to be your new favorite accessories:

  1. Pippa Crossbody
  2. Lilly Crossbody
  3. Athena Crossbody


Travel Light with Wallets and Wristlets

If you tend to only need the absolute essentials, the small but mighty wallet or wristlet is the bag for you. Generally, these wallet wristlets are designed to be handheld, meaning they're no bigger than a book—you can even toss them in a bigger bag if need be! Every wallet wristlet is made to hold only the absolute essentials, with interior pockets for your credit cards, ID, cash, and sometimes room for your phone. Your bag should be as stylish as you are, and they will be with our wallets and wristlets!

The main difference between a wallet and a wallet wristlet is the tiny strap added to the corner. Perfect for nights out, the wallet wristlet band allows you to keep your possessions safe around your wrist all night long. Step out in style by stashing your goods in our Zella Wallet for a vibrantly patterned wallet wristlet, or go the minimal route with our Eloise bag. 


Go Hands-Free with Fanny Packs

Fanny packs have been a hit since the '80s, so why not invest in an elevated version for your current closet? With a strap that can be elongated to wear across your body or shorted to sit on your hips, fanny pack bags are the perfect size to hold your basics. Fanny packs, or belt bags as some brands call them, are a playful way to revamp a classic.

If you're looking for a way to carry your belongings and have hands-free fun, the fanny/hip/bum packbag is the bag for you! Whether hiking with friends, strolling through farmers markets, or taking your kiddos to the zoo, fanny packs let you enjoy yourself and keep your things close to you.


Bring Everything You Need with a Backpack

Backpacks are essential bags that come in handy from the first day of kindergarten all the way through adulthood. If you're looking for a bag to keep the weight off your shoulder, the two-strap backpack design will help relieve that stress. With endless styles, interior pockets, and even built-in cup holders, there’s likely to be a backpack to suit your lifestyle.

If you're an avid traveler, attend school, or commute to work, a backpack is perfect for you. Let your back do the work so you can attend to the hustle and bustle of your life hands-free!


5 Questions to Determine if a Bag Style is Right For You?

Do any of these popular bags pique your interest? Whether you're interested in the leather tote bag or a wallet wristlet, ask yourself these five questions when perusing for your next bag:


  1. Does the size make sense?
  2. Will it go with your outfits?
  3. Is the bag's shape flattering?
  4. What is the bag’s purpose?
  5. Will you really use it?


  1. What Size Bag Do You Need?

The perfect bag style for you comes down to the size you need. When looking for an everyday bag, consider everything you bring with you on an average day. If you tend to pack heavy, something bigger like a leather tote bag or crossbody leather bag are great styles to look into. But, if you only need something to secure a few cards and keys, a smaller, handheld option like a wallet wristlet is ideal. 


  1. Will Your Bag Match the Majority of Your Wardrobe?

If a leather tote bag or wallet wristlet doesn't match your favorite outfits, you likely won't reach for it as you get ready. Get the most wear out of your bag by imagining how it will look with your go-to looks as you shop. When you look for crossbody leather bags or clutches, experiment with color matching, pattern-clashing, and more—the right bag style for you is whatever you feel most confident with! 


How Do You Match a Bag to Your Outfit?

There's no official rule when it comes to matching your bag to your outfit, but if you're looking for an easy answer, you can make sure your bag matches your shoes or the overall color scheme of your look. If your everyday bag is neutral, such as black, brown, camel, or even grey, it could go well with any outfit in your wardrobe! Something like a timeless leather tote bag or muted wallet wristlet can be perfect.


  1. What Bag Is Most Flattering On Your Body Shape?

There's a common idea that a bag the opposite of your body type is the most flattering. Find a short, slouchier leather tote bag to balance your frame if you're tall. However, going against that grain, petite frames could avoid oversized bags that could make them look tinier and opt for smaller, handheld wallet wristlets to avoid being weighed down. When shopping, grab your favorite crossbody leather bags, clutches, and totes, and check yourself out in the mirror to determine what you love about yourself.

If this tip works for you, great! But, above any style rules, your bag or wallet wristlet should bring you joy and make you feel like the most empowered version of yourself. Remember—whatever shape you or the bag are doesn't matter if you fall in love with that beautiful leather tote bag in the store.


  1. What Purpose Does the Bag Serve?

As you search for your perfect bag style, consider when and where you'll use it. Are you looking for an everyday leather tote bag to store your most-used belongings? Maybe a wallet wristlet to accompany you on quick trips out of the house or to a night on the town? Considering the possible occasions is key to selecting a bag style you love (and actually need).

The ideal everyday bag should be designed with durability, wearability, and organization in mind. That means your crossbody leather bag or leather tote bag should be made to withstand daily use and last for years with high-quality materials, from the fabric to the zippers and clasps. Pockets and dividers will help keep your everyday bag organized rather than an endless pit of receipts, hair ties, and unorganized jewelry

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to self-care; for some, that means unique and gorgeous bags reserved only for special occasions. Discover classic designs of wallet wristlets and crossbody leather bags that will never go out of style. With the right leather bag care, you can pull them out for weddings, graduations, and date nights for years to come. 


  1. Will You Really Use the Bag?

Too often, wallet wristlets and crossbody leather bags sit untouched in the back of a closet for years. We've all done it—but that doesn't mean you have to continue to do it. Before buying a bag, consider all the questions above to help you determine whether you would actively reach for it. Investing in a handmade, artisanal leather tote bag you love and will use is always worth it if you're interested in creating a wardrobe where you use every piece you have. 

From stylish crossbody leather bags to versatile leather tote bags and more, there are countless styles of bags to choose from. Whether you collect designer handbags and switch them out weekly or swear by one sturdy everyday bag, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Feel inspired to take your style into your own hands and use our questions to help you choose the perfect bag.  

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