Feel Empowered with Moon Jewelry

Feel Empowered with Moon Jewelry

If you told me you’ve never looked up at the night sky and been amazed by the glowing moon—I wouldn’t believe you. So many of us have spent our lives craning our necks or lying down on the grass just to look at the legendary moon in fascination. Whether we understand it or not, the moon and its many phases inspires so many of us. And why shouldn’t that inspiration carry over to your style?

From moon necklaces to the many different moon earrings, moon jewelry gives us a chance to feel that inspiration, appreciate symbols that have been around for centuries, and express ourselves and our love of the moon. So, I say - one small step for man, one giant step for mankind, and an even larger leap for the world of moon jewelry!


What Does the Moon Symbolize?

A lot of us are drawn to the moon (and all the moon jewelry we could possibly get our hands on!), but why is that? Do you know what the moon symbolizes around the world?

Many interpret the moon as a sign of constant change and the cyclical nature of life, as the phases of the moon are consistently rotating. We are born, we mature, we age, and eventually, we pass on—but the cycle of life restarts with new people every day. This rebirth is just like the moon’s phases cycling over and over again, unchanged.

The next time you look up at the sky (or look down at your very own moon jewelry) and are greeted by the beautiful companion to our Earth, try to appreciate the deeply symbolic nature of the moon in our lives. In donning your favorite moon necklace, or other favorite nature-inspired jewelry, you can be reminded of the circle of life and live every day to the fullest.


Why is the Moon Feminine?

For all our inner goddesses, the moon symbolizes more than that. Next time you throw on your dazzling pair of moon earrings, smudge your space, honor your divine feminine side, and connect to the moon.

Throughout history and literature, the moon has been described as “she” and “her”—the moon is actually a symbol of femininity. She is said to symbolize radiance, mystery, sensuality, and the feminine cyclical nature. The ancient Greeks connected the moon to the mysterious, immortal, and powerful goddess Artemis, who was idolized for embracing her feminine power and encouraging other women to do the same.

Today, spiritualities and modern cultures love, worship, and celebrate the lunar energy. By wearing a moon necklace, you can  feel the feminine presence of the moon in your lives and feel connected to the female energy all over the world, all while adding a touch of feminine edge to your look.


What Does a Crescent Moon Symbolize?

The phase that looks like a thin sliver, or a smile, is the crescent moon. Something in the crescent moon must have celestial power over us because this phase has taken over the world of modern moon jewelry. From moon necklaces to moon earrings, this shape never fails! Wearing a crescent moon is meant to bring you magical dreams, fertility, and empowerment.

On top of empowerment, fertility, and dreams, crescent moons are said to symbolize and manifest love for whoever wears moon earrings and other jewelry. Some stories say that by wearing crescent moon jewelry, you’ll find your soulmate! Long-lasting couples also tend to use crescent moon necklaces, rings, and earrings to symbolize their eternity together. Harness the love (and self-love!) you deserve with dazzling moon jewelry.


What Are the Phases of the Moon?

Perhaps you want to wear all the phases in your moon jewelry to harness all the luck and empowerment you can muster! Try complementing your outfit by wearing our Crescent Moon Coin Necklace for a completely celestial look.

But before accessorizing with your new favorite moon necklace, don’t forget to learn the eight phases:

  • New moon
  • Waxing crescent
  • First quarter
  • Waxing gibbous
  • Full moon
  • Waning gibbous
  • Third quarter
  • Waning crescent


How to Style Moon Jewelry

Put your love of the moon on display with moon jewelry to suit your every need. Whether you want to show off your dazzling celestial pieces and shout your adoration of the moon to the world or approach your accessorizing a little more subtly, our indie-makers may have the perfect moon jewelry for you.

For a thoughtful look, consider the Double Half Moon Earrings. For a bold approach, wear your moon earrings as more of a loud-and-proud statement piece with the Starlight Crescent Hoop Earrings. Either way, wearing the many shapes of the moon on your jewelry will lend you a sparkling glow to carry with you all day.


3 Places to Wear Your Moon Jewelry

Short answer—anywhere you like! Your normal dainty jewelry and go-to earrings can wait—if you’re looking for specific events to let your moon jewelry shine, look no further. From worshiping the powerful lunar deity that is the moon to just decorating your look with handmade celestial accessories, your out-of-this-world moon necklaces deserve to shine in every setting.

  1. A night on the town
  2. The office
  3. Date night


Does Moon Jewelry Make a Good Gift?

Moon jewelry makes a phenomenal gift for just about anyone. Moon necklaces and moon earrings are a thoughtful, simple way to let the recipient know how much you care for them.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I love you to the moon and back”? We say it because it’s true! By gifting someone a timeless piece of moon jewelry, you’ll show this love, and they’ll remember it every time they wear it. Whether you choose moon necklaces or moon earrings, moon jewelry has the power to fully show the love you have for one another.


Who to Gift Moon Jewelry To

Moon jewelry is loved for a reason—there’s a style for everyone! Full of important meaning, whether that’s empowerment, divine feminine energy, or the circle of life.

There’s a reason to gift moon jewelry to each and every one of these people in your life:

  • Mother
  • Grandmother
  • Mentor
  • Sibling
  • Partner
  • Friend
  • Bridesmaid

Now, with the understanding of each symbol of the moon, are you able to see just how important and spiritual it is to wear moon jewelry? Whether you want to connect to the moon goddesses, celebrate the natural circle of life, or harness your inner feminine power, the moon is crucial to your life.

From wearing sparkling moon earrings to elevate an outfit or subdued moon necklaces for an understated look, your moon jewelry may quickly become your favorite piece. Embrace your inner feminine goddess and, just like Artemis, encourage others to do the same!

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